The Terpometer Dab Tool

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  • Terpometer Dab Temperature Tool
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • For Optimal Concentrate Use
  • Experience Perfect Dab Every Time
  • Waste Less Material
  • Crisp LED Screen
  • 300+ Hours Battery Life
  • RGB Lights Indicate Temperature
  • Works with Quartz, Ceramic + Titanium
  • Micro USB Charging


The Terpometer Dab Tool

The Terpometer is a next-level dab temperature tool that was made to give you the perfect dab. Never wonder if the temperature in your banger or nail is perfect, with the Terpometer you just hold it to the banger or nail and it gives a precise temperature reading that will let you know if it is a good temperature to smoke your concentrates.

The Terpometer uses a high-tech LED display that clearly shows you the temperature level of your banger, and using a patented RGB light-up system that indicates to you when the temperature for your concentrates is just right;

  • Green Light: Optimal temperature
  • Red Light: Above optimal temperature
  • Blue Light: Below optimal temperature

The Terpometer has over 300+ hours battery life. As soon as you run flat – simply recharge with the Micro USB port! The Terpometer will work with bowls made from quartz, ceramic, titanium and more. Enjoy every bit of your concentrate with the Terpometer and never worry about wasting any of your concentrates from overheating your banger or nail. Take your dab experience to new levels with The Terpometer.

Terpometer Specifications: 

  • Patented RGB light-up system
  • Precise temperature reading
  • Versatile dab tool
  • RGB lights indicate optimal temperature for concentrate
  • Micro USB charging

Terpometer Package Contents: 

  • 1x The Terpometer Dab Tool
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