White Rhino Diffuser Beads


  • provide a smoother hit
  • Keep waterpipe clean
  • Good for percolation
  • Resealable/Reusable strainer bag

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White Rhino Diffuser Beads

White Rhino diffuser beads are small non-toxic beads that you use with your waterpipe. Diffuser beads go into your bong and serve as a percolator; breaking down the smoke to give you a smoother hit. Diffuser beads also work well in keeping your bong clean; the small toxic balls can scrape off any residue on the inside of your pipe. They come in a variety of colors to give a little color to your bong.

Just fill your bong up with the beads, add water, and enjoy! When you’re done you can use the reusable strainer bag to strain the beads into the bag and reseal for your next session. These little beads are neat. Enjoy a cooler smoke with some White Rhino diffuser beads


  • Resealable/Reusable strainer bag
  • Variety of colors
  • Good for percolation
  • Keeps bong clean

Package Contents: 

  • 1x Pack of White Rhino Diffuser Beads


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White, Red, Green, Blue