Vape Drip Tips

Depending on your choice of e-cig, you’ve likely used cartomizers or cartridges. The little hollow mouthpiece that can be an alternative to cartomizers and cartridges is called a Vape Drip Tip. Putting a few drops of a liquid directly into your atomizer, when you use a drip tip, is called priming. You don’t have to remove or fill anything. Drip tips are extremely handy and affordable!

Improve Your Vaping Experience with Drip Tips

Some vapers say that changing out drip tips also alters the flavor. Experimenting with various drip tips will give you a better idea of which ones work best for you. We have a wide variety of them in stock at all times. At Discount Vape Pen, you’ll find glass drip tips, metal spiral drip tips, silver tall drip tips, two-tone metal, lots of various colors, and more. There’s even a chrome dip tip for those who love all things shiny!

Why Buy Vaporizers and Drip Tips from Discount Vape Pen?

Shopping at means buying the very best at affordable prices and knowing that delivery will be made in a timely manner. It also means an impressive inventory of e-juices, vaping devices, batteries, chargers, and other accessories. There’s no need to shop locally when you can sit back, enjoy a luscious vape, and shop online quickly and conveniently. Check out our sales to see how you can save even more money. There’s always something on sale – just click the “SALE” category in our drop-down menu to see what is available at prices that are even more discounted than usual.

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