510 Cartridge Vape Magnets

Buy replacement cartridge vape magnets from Discount Vape Pen. 510 thread vape magnetic adapters for 1ml & 0.5ml carts. Get your vape magnet now!!

0.5ml + 1.0ml Magnetic Vape Cartridge Adapters

Cartridge magnets come in 2 sizes. There are magnets for 1ml+ cartridges, which are the shorter magnet of the 2. There are magnets for 0.5ml cartridges, which are the longer magnet of the 2. These magnets are longer because the connection of smaller carts protrude less. So longer magnets ensure they reach the contact point on the cart battery.

Simply screw the magnet onto your 510 thread vape cartridge, click it onto the magnetic connection of your cart battery, and you’re ready to vape!

Do All Cart Batteries Need A Magnet?

Not all cartridge tanks require a magnet. Whether or not a magnet is required, depends on the cartridge battery that you’re using. Some batteries have magnetic contact points. This means that power can pass from the cart battery, to the cartridge tank, through the protruding metal tip in the metal connection. A proper connection ensures power can pass from the battery, to the heating element in the cartridge, which vaporises the oil. Some cart batteries are designed to only work when a 510 threaded magnet is attached to the cartridge. When the cartridge has a magnet attached and is dropped into the cart battery, the magnetic connections will hold the cartridge in place.

Which Cart Batteries Need A Magnet?

Examples of Cart Batteries that do need a magnetic connection are; CCell Palm, CCell Rizo, CCell Silo, Cartisan Black Box, and Cartisan Pillar.

Examples of Cart Batteries that don’t need a magnetic attachment are; Pulsar Mobi, Ooze Tanker, Yocan Kodo Pro, Pulsar 510 DL, Lookah Load, and iMini v2. These devices instead have a recess to screw your 510 cartridge connection into.

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