Zippo Lighter – Assorted


  • American Made
  • Durable Metal Construction With Windproof Design
  • Light Virtually Anywhere!

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Zippo Lighter – Assorted 

Zippo lighters are unique American made lighters. These lighters are made with a metal construction thats durable, and are designed to be windproof and allows the user to light a zippo virtually anywhere! Zippo Lighters are made in an assortment of unique designs that stand out anywhere you go and can be swapped out for different Zippo cases. Grab yours today! 

WARNING: Zippo Lighter does not come pre-filled. Zippo lighter fluid sold separately.

Package Contents: 

  • 1x Zippo Lighter – Assorted Design

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Smoking Bug Design, Playboy Logo Chrome, Iridescent Alien Design, Lisa Parker Witching Hour, Iron Maiden, Currency Benjy, Can't Fix Stupid, Matte Mushroom Design, Raw Gold, Roulette Design, Gamer Design, Raw Brushed Chrome, Rainbow Triangle, Ace of Spades Design, Red Anarchy Symbol, Tiger Face Design, Jack Daniels Classic Emblem, Aces Design, Gambling Design, Chrome Fireball, Dollar Sign Design, Joker Design, 8-Ball Black Matte, Pistols Crossed, Ace of Spades Stone, Tiger Design, Wolf in Sheep Clothing Design, Santa Cruz Panther Design, Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Design, Heartbeat Ace, Crown Royal, Retro Star, Bob Marley Black Matte, Dice Satin Chrome, Panda Design, Iced Zippo Flame Design, Red Pirate Flag, Jim Bean Vintage Emblem, Bob Marley Chrome, A Bit "O" Luck, Don't Panic It's Organic, Poker All In, Rietveld Design, Mixed Tapes, Zion Lion, Mystical Mushrooms, 80's T-Rex, MR OW, Psychedlic Desert Moth, Watchful Shrooms, Pineapple Woman