What Do Vapers Need To Know About Choking And Coughing?

Choking And Coughing

Updated: 11 August 2023

So, you finally decided to quit smoking. You have everything figured out, i.e. from how you will deal with the withdrawal symptoms to how you will associate yourself as a non-smoker. You have a solution – vaping. So, you buy a new vaping kit and are ready to stop your old smoking habits. There is a problem though. One that leaves you feeling discouraged when you have only just started. The first vape sends you into a fist of coughing and you may even feel like you’re choking. With tears in your eyes, you questioned yourself whether you have made the right choice. Relax! It is nothing serious. Choking and coughing can happen because of the following reasons:

The Vaping Technique You’re Using

Most smokers draw tobacco smoke through the mouth and straight into the lungs. Things are different when it comes to vaping. Vapers draw vapor into the mouth, hold it for a second before inhaling the it into their lungs. For people who vape, using the same technique when smoking always results in coughing and sometimes choking.  Strangely, this difference in techniques happens involuntarily. While mouth to lung inhalation may seem to lead to fewer cases of coughing, it still depends on the vaper, the e-juice being used, and the choice of vaping device.

The Speed of Inhaling and Exhaling

When you inhale the vapor slowly, it can cause coughing. That is because there won’t be enough air hitting your e-cigarette coil. On the contrary, exhaling quickly can cause coughing. The best you can do is to inhale quickly and exhale in a slow and controlled manner.

Regrowth of Cilia

Smoking destroys tiny hair-like projections in the respiratory tract, which are known as cilia. When one quits smoking, cilia grows back. A side effect or by-product of cilia regrowth happens to be coughing. Combine regrowth of cilia with the technique one uses to vape, and it becomes clear why people experience recurring coughs, especially when they switch from smoking to vaping.


Electronic cigarettes contain glycerine and proplyne glycol. These two compounds attract water. The two compounds are also responsible for the production of vapor clouds during exhalation. Long vaping sessions can make one feel dehydrated. When the throat feels dry, you will have the urge to cough. With that in mind, always keep your throat moist by drinking lots of fluids.

Choice of Vaping Device

The vaping device you use can contribute to both coughing and choking as well. Many first-time vapers cough after switching to sub-ohm vaping devices. Your best bet is to try using a lower wattage device. In addition, you can use nicotine salts to get a stronger nicotine hit without coughing too much.

Remember, Choking and Coughing are Temporary Effects

Think of it as learning how to swim you accidentally drank swimming pool water. Over time, you will become used to being in the water. It is the same for vaping. Coughing or choking are temporary effects that will most likely fade after three to five vaping sessions.

Try Water Filtration Using a Bubbler

If you vape oil cartridges, you might find the vapor harsh on your throat, and that taking a large hit leads to an involuntary coughing fit. This is especially true for stronger delta 8 oils, and vaping at higher voltages.

The fix to this is using a water bubbler cart battery! These clever devices bubble the vapor through water, which cools the temperature. The water bubbler makes these potent hits much more comfortable on the throat. This is great for ripping massive dabs, without the scorching heat and coughing fit typical with stronger carts.