What Is An Atomizer?

What is an Atomizer

If you are new to the world of vaping, you will very quickly run across the word “atomizer”. This is a major component in a vaping device – one of many. We’re going to take a closer look at atomizers to help you better understand them.

What’s an Atomizer?

Technically, if a device creates mist from liquid, it is defined as an atomizer. The word existed long before vaping, but is now a term that is very closely coupled with products related to the vape world. To make a long explanation short, atomizers are pretty much made from resistance wire heating coils that, in order to take e-liquid and create vapor from it, heat up. That’s oversimplified, but it’s easy to understand.

Within the atomizer are heating coils. Each atomizer has a specific amount of resistance which is measured in ohms. More power will be demanded by a lower ohm level atomizer. When the coils of an atomizer have a resistance level of under 1.0 ohm, it is referred to as a sub ohm atomizer.

Occasionally, vapers might be confused by how people use the word atomizer. It can be applied to various pieces of vape-ware found inside a vaping device. Heating coils or vape coils are sometimes referred to as atomizers. It can also be used to describe a sub ohm tank or RDA that contains the coils just referred to.

Atomizers Come in Different Types

There are several basic types of atomizers from which vapers can choose:

  • RDAs, or rebuildable atomizers – this is for the more experienced vaper
  • Atomizers with replaceable coil heads – cost a bit more than disposables but are commonly used
  • Disposable atomizers – vape starter kits most often include these and they are perfect for new vapers
  • Clearomizers – newest to the vaping market, these are atomizers which have been specially designed and offer a constant view of your vape juice because the tank is usually made from polycarbonate plastic or Pyrex glass

How Long Will an Atomizer Last?

The frequency of your vaping activity and the type of atomizer in question will help determine the life of an atomizer. The shortest lifespan is exhibited by disposable atomizers – usually a week or so.

Avoiding the Atomizer Tank

Dripping is a method of vaping that has, over the last several years, caught on in a big way. What this involves is the direct dripping, right onto the atomizer, of your favorite e-fluid. Clearly, it’s a pretty self-explanatory term. The tank or cartridge is completely bypassed in this process.

How to Choose the Right Atomizer

In order to choose the right atomizer for your personal usage, there are several factors that should be considered:

  • Will you be customizing your vape? (Make sure that you are willing to put as much time into this process as is needed.)
  • What is your level of vaping experience?
  • How is your budget looking?

Many new vapers like to start off with disposable atomizers until they get a little more experience under their belts. There is plenty of time to build up to the use of advanced atomizers like an RDA or replaceable coil heads.

Remember, the atomizer is one of the most critical components of your vaporizer. Without it, your vaping device is pretty much a battery-operated box.