What Is E-Liquid Steeping?

What is E-Liquid Steeping

If you are a newcomer to the world of vaping, or have been producing those thick, glorious clouds for a while but haven’t been introduced to all that vaping entails just yet, you may have heard the word “steeping”. The following will be an introduction to steeping and a few questions and answers.

Steeping Your E-Fluid or Vape Juice

The act of steeping is more or less an attempt at aging. It removes volatile components such as alcohol and bottled tastes that tend to lean more toward being harsh. In essence, it mixes the nicotine, flavorings, and PG/VG base. The alcohol is removed by oxidation. Additionally, steeping tends to make the color of your e-fluid somewhat darker (another result of the oxidation).

It is said, by some vapers, that after several weeks to months of steeping, certain flavors improve immensely. When the steeping process has come to an end, shake your e-fluid, and vape away.

Much Like a Fine Wine

During the process of aging (or steeping), much as in the case of a fine wine, the product is enhanced while flavors infuse, and the alcohol chemically breaks down or evaporates. A chemical taste will be less persistent after steeping, the flavor will be improved overall, and most or all of the harshness removed.

Steeping Q&A

What is the recommended steeping time for e-liquid? The recommended steeping time for e-fluid can be as much as four weeks or as little as two weeks. Occasionally, certain flavors take in excess of four weeks.

What determines the length of the steeping period? Whether it is one month, two weeks, one week, or one day, this depends largely on the specific e-fluid being steeped and, of course, the user. Frequently it is more a matter of personal preference.

Is there, specifically, one way to steep e-fluid? There are many methods which will be discussed below.

Do I have to steep my e-fluid? The best method of mixing or steeping, or whether or not to do it at all, is a personal choice. If you’re in a hurry to break into that new e-juice that you’ve been dying to taste, you will likely not bother steeping it. On the other hand, if you are one of the patient vapers, you may choose to steep your juices before use.

A How-To Guide for Steeping

People use a vast array of methods through which to steep their e-fluid. Some of the processes include some seemingly outlandish practices including the use of dry ice, a candle, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, a space heater, your car (during summer), a slow cooker, coffee mug warmer, hot rice, your microwave, and more. Though there are many methods when it comes to steeping an e-fluid, we will take a look at only a couple:

The hot bath method – fill a container with hot, but not scalding water. After making sure that your fluid is sealed tightly in a Ziploc bag, lay it in the warm/hot water bath. Remove the bottle after the water has come to room temperature. Opening the bottle will let the gas dispel. After that, close the bottle and shake. You’re all set.

The crockpot method – once again, remove all the air from a Ziploc bag after placing your e- juice inside and seal the bag tightly. Place it in a crock pot filled with water. The crockpot should now sit on low for anywhere up to four hours. Uncapping the bottle after heating will let the solution breathe. Then cap it up, shake it up, and vape it up.

So, you get the idea. As long as you feel that you are experiencing a rewarding vaping experience, and you’re getting the flavor you want, there are no wrong ways to steep your juice – if you even choose to do so at all.