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In the market for a new electric nectar collector? Selecting the perfect brand or device can be tough. Luckily, here at Discount Vape, we’ve tried tens of different electronic nectar collectors and have compiled a list of the ones that stand apart from the competition. While there can only be one first place winner, any of the products on our list are sure to be the best devices on the market today...

This list was updated 5 March 2024.


Overall 1st Place Winner

So far this year, the expanding electric nectar collector market has been stacked, with new high-performance options hitting the shelves each day. To choose the very best option in this category, we overviewed build quality, performance, and reliability. We put these rigs through the ringer, testing them to the very limits of their capacity under tough conditions.

To win the top spot for the best electronic nectar collector, these products had to check all the boxes, performing better than any of their competitors. So without further ado, here is the top nectar collector kit you can buy today...

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is Lookah’s newest addition to the Seahorse family, pulling out all the stops to create the best electric nectar collector the vaping world has ever seen up to now. The Pro Plus is revolutionizing what we thought we knew about nectar collector rigs, offering users the ability to not only dab any of their favorite concentrates, but also use 510 thread cartridges as well. The diversity in the usability of this rig is endless, providing an all-in-one product unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The variable voltage modes allow users to customize their dabbing or vaping experience, perfect for anyone wanting a rig tailored to their specific tastes. The new 650mah battery now allows for convenient USB-C charging, allowing you to take the Pro Plus with you no matter where life takes you. Whether you’re searching for your first electric nectar collector, or just want to add an all in one powerhouse to your collection, the Seahorse Pro Plus is the rig for you!

Top Staff Picks
Picked By Our Experts

The editors at Discount Vape Pen are seasoned experts in the dab game, frequently experimenting with each new brand and product that hits the market. With so many amazing new products coming out this year, there are a few which stand out from the crowd. Providing an elevated experience from their competitors, these are electric nectar collectors which our staff can’t live without.

Yocan Dyno

The Yocan Dyno is our team's top pick - Largely thanks to the built-in glass water bubbler! Water filtration cools the heat of your vapor, delivering a smoother hit and creating milky clouds. It’s made from durable lab-grade glass. The water bubbler is detachable, giving you the flexibility to use the Yocan Dyno dab straw with or without it.

The Dyno has a clear OLED display screen, and precise temperature control which allows you to fine-tune your voltage 2.0V – 4.2V. The powerful 1,000mAh battery will last approx 50 dabs. The Yocan Dyno is the newest release in our lineup - boasting modern features like USB-C charging and customizable RGB rainbow neon lights. The Dyno ceramic coil tip delivers an impressively smooth experience - You'll love it!

Airis Dabble Concentrate Vaporizer

The Dabble is Airistech’s all new 2-in-1 vape, which can be used as either an electric nectar collector or attachment on a water pipe! Instantly dab your favorite concentrates with the rig’s built in auto heating feature, removing the need for a torch or e-nail. Simply add your favorite concentrate to the Dabble’s chamber, turn it on, and you're off to the races.

This unique device also comes equipped with a 14mm glass adapter and 19mm silicone adapter, meaning it can fit snugly into nearly any water pipe. Use the Airis Dabble as an on-the-go dab pen or transform your water pipe into a high-tech torch free dab rig!

Lookah Seahorse Pro

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector kit comes in just behind the Pro Plus, sacrificing a few features for a more affordable price. However, just because it may not have taken the top spot on our list doesn’t mean this rig isn’t an absolute powerhouse when it comes to electric nectar collectors. The Lookah Seahorse Pro is also a multi-use, versatile device; it has a 510 thread so can be used as a battery for cartridges, and was also awarded 1st Place Winner in our Best Dab Pen shortlist!

The build on this vape is what sets it apart from the competition using high quality glass for the body and mouthpiece and a top tier ceramic heating tip for massive cloud production. Like the Dabble, the Seahorse Pro has an adapter to fit many water pipes making it a great choice for any connoisseur.

Runner Up

Yocan Loki Wax Vaporizer

The Yocan Loki features the brands newest heating tech, using their patented Yocan XTAL Tip coil to instantly vaporize your favorite concentrates with the press of a button. The Loki comes equipped with 3 different temperature settings to optimize your sessions for different types of concentrates. Using a combination of slow-burning ceramic and quick-heating quartz as its heating element, this rig creates the perfect environment and temperature for your wax, making each hit as smooth as the last.

The battery inside this rig is the latest and greatest from Yocan, featuring quick and convenient charging which lets you get your device back up and running in no time. If you are looking for a reliable workhorse that never lets you down, the Yocan Loki is the way to go.

What Is An Electric Nectar Collector?

To put it simply - An Electric Nectar Collector is a battery-powered device used to vape concentrates with a heated tip, which you inhale through a glass straw. Some devices feature a water pipe attachment, which bubbles the vapor through water to cool it, giving you a more soothing vape experience. Electric Nectar Collectors also get called dab straws or honey straws, and they are versatile dab devices that often have dual use.

Many electric nectar collectors can also be used as a dab pen or a 510 battery for oil cartridges. To learn more detail - Read our Complete Electric Nectar Collector Guide here!

Benefits of Electric Nectar Collectors

Electric Nectar Collectors make vaping THC and CBD concentrates simple. There are a number of benefits to using these devices, particularly in contrast to traditional nectar collectors;

  • Lightweight, compact & easy to carry
  • Battery means no flame needed
  • Heats your concentrate, doesn't burn it
  • Often dual-use with 510 thread
  • Water pipe attachment cools vapor
  • Variable settings allow you to customise experience
  • Easy to clean & maintain

Since the heating tip of your electric nectar collector heats your concentrate (such as wax or shatter), it means that no combustion is involved. This delivers a better tasting vaping experience than using a naked flame or torch, which often ends up burning your concentrate. It is also more convenient to use whilst on-the-go.

Your concentrate is heated up to turn into vapor, rather than burnt and turned to smoke, as with traditional marijuana smoking methods. This means that vaping an electric nectar collector reduces the inhalation of carcinogens and other toxins that are common when smoking a joint or bong. It is also a more predictable delivery of oil, so you can take smaller hits while on-the-go, without feeling the sudden need to take an immediate nap or snack.

Watch Electric Nectar Collector Comparison Video

If you want to see these devices for yourself - Check out our video below. Mark from DVP TV gets his hands on the Lookah Seahorse Pro & the Ooze Pronto. He compares the features and similarities of the devices - They’re both concentrate vapes with quartz and/ceramic coils, and a 510 thread that can be used to vape cartridges. But it’s in the design of the two products that sets them apart. Mark reviews which device is best, and which falls short. Watch now!

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