Best Stealth Cart Battery

We’ve seen an explosion in popularity of stealth 510 vapes for cartridges shipping out of the Discount Vape Pen warehouse. These stealthy cart vapes that have been designed to go unnoticed. They’re high in demand with users who want to vape discreetly at work, in public, or whilst traveling through States with stricter vaping Laws. To help you decide which is the best stealth cart battery, we’ve compiled this shortlist based on our expert staff picks and your product reviews!

This list was updated: 13 January 2023.

1st Place Winner

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Overall 1st Place Winner

This stealth vape cartridge battery scores highest on performance, build quality, and clever design. We selected the winner using a combination of customer reviews, product ratings, customer feedback and our team of vaping specialists. The best stealthy 510 thread battery for cartridges is:

Pulsar 510 DL

The Pulsar 510 DL is our best stealth cart battery 1st place winner. Yep – you read that right. The Pulsar 510 DL is a 510 thread cart battery! At a glance, you might assume the Pulsar 510 DL is a disposable vape pen. But the disposable-like design was no accident. This extremely stealthy cart vape allows you to puff on your oil cartridges in public, without anyone batting an eye. Which is the ultimate goal of a stealthy vape.

The disposable-like device body conceals and protects your oil cartridge, under the quality metal exterior (which looks like a fruity disposable). As well as being easy to conceal, it is extremely simple-to-use. Pulsar 510 DL is buttonless, with sophisticated inhale-activation which fires when you take a draw. The performance is top-rate, with variable voltage and a pre-heat function, allowing you to vape even the thickest of oils.

If you want to discreetly vape oil cartridges in public, on public transport, or around friends without attracting unwanted attention - The Pulsar 510 DL is the very best stealth cart battery!

Best Stealth Cart Battery - Picked By Our Experts

Our team at Discount Vape Pen have been in the industry for a long time. We frequently have customers walk into the shop and ask for our own personal recommendations. So using our vaping knowledge and experience - we took a vote on the best performing stealth batteries for carts. Here are our top staff picks;

Ryot Verb

The Ryot Verb achieves true stealth by disguising itself - it looks like a Zippo Lighter. Although the Ryot Verb is actually a high performance 510 thread cart vape, most people with an untrained eye will assume that it’s a Zippo. The Ryot Verb even comes with a nice rubberized finish, and is available in a number of familiar Zippo designs like the Playboy bunny. But flip open the cap, and you won’t see a flint wheel and wick, as you would in a Zippo!

Instead, you’ll see the mouthpiece of your cartridge. Your cartridge remains completely hidden inside the body of the device, which fits 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges using the adapters (included). While it may be small, compact and sleek, it doesn’t sacrifice any features or usability. The Ryot Verb packs a punch with a powerful 650mAh battery, variable voltage settings, and pre-heat functionality. Then when you’re done, snap the lid closed!

Caligo Opus

The Caligo Opus has a smooth, futuristic design that looks more like a Tesla car key than a cart battery! Pulling apart the contoured mouthpiece from the device body, reveals your cartridge which sits concealed inside the device body. Accessing the cartridge couldn’t be easier. The mouthpiece is magnetic, and gives a satisfying **click** in and out!

The Caligo Opus has a number of clever usability features such as haptic feedback vibration, digital LED screen, and single button. The device offers dual operation, meaning it will activate when you either press the button or inhale through the mouthpiece. This really is a cutting edge cart battery. This is one of those discreet cart batteries that is so disguised, that you could throw it on your desk next to your wallet, and no one would bat an eye. When a vape looks this good - it’d be a shame not to!

Top Stealth Cartridge Batteries - Highest Rated

You’ve heard what our experts choose. But what do you all think? The Discount Vape Pen community is full of vape enthusiasts, all with their own unique tastes and preferences. So it’s over to you. Here are the highest rated stealth cartridge vapes, based on your product reviews and ratings!

Hamilton Cloak

With over 35 verified 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ customer reviews, it’s safe to say the Hamilton Cloak is one of the highest rated stealth batteries amongst the DVP community. If you were to find a Hamilton Cloak lying on a bar - it gives virtually no clues as to what it is. A smooth, rounded black body, with a simple mouthpiece hole at one end.

Pull the two ends apart to reveal the 650mAh battery with a universal 510 thread. Aptly named, the Cloak covers up your cartridge. It hides your cart and keeps it safe from prying eyes. The device is buttonless. This keeps the shape smooth and uninterrupted. The auto-draw technology also means you don’t have to worry about the device firing whilst in your pocket or bag.

It’s worth mentioning a device that is extremely similar to this, the Cartisan Veil Duo. It’s remarkably alike visually, but instead of 1 cartridge, the Cartisan Veil Duo allows you to attach and vape 2 cartridges at same time!

Cartisan Pillar

The Cartisan Pillar has a nondescript, classic vape pen shape. It looks much more like an e-liquid vape pen, than a cart battery. Earning it’s spot on this stealth cart battery shortlist - the Cartisan Pillar completely conceals your 510 thread oil cartridge inside the body of the vape. As well as protecting your cartridge from unwanted attention, the Cartisan Pillar also protects your cartridge from harmful UV exposure, debris, and the elements.

The Pillar has a really modern, sleek look to it. It’s available in a range of colors, and boasts an in-built 650mAh battery, improved airflow, and pre-heat function. The variable voltage settings allow you to customize your experience. A lower voltage will deliver lower heat and a smoother hit. Or use a higher voltage for an enriched and heavier flavor. Check our full Cartisan Pillar Review here. The Pillar is an extremely affordable stealth 510 vape. It won’t break the bank, yet it delivers a solid performance for the price!

What Is A Stealth Cart Battery?

A stealth cart battery is a 510 thread vape for cartridges, that has been designed to avert attention. Discreet, stealthy, and hidden. Stealth vapes conceal your oil cartridge, so that onlookers can’t see what substance your vaping. Some vapes are cleverly disguised as common everyday objects, and some don’t look like a vape at all!

Stealth cartridge vapes are usually compact in size, lightweight, and easy to conceal in the palm of your hand. One reason behind the boom in popularity of stealth vapes, is that some States now have stricter vaping Laws than others. There are States with vape flavor bans in place, for instance. This means that stealth vapes can save you potential hassle from the 5-0, as you travel through these States.

Stealth Cart Battery Benefits

  • Compact size can be easily hidden
  • Disguised as other everyday objects
  • Conceals your oil cartridge from view
  • Protects your cartridge from the elements
  • Buttonless designs are auto draw-activated
  • Deliver a high performance vaping experience
  • Useful in States with stricter vaping laws

Vapes Disguised As Everyday Objects

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Cheap Stealth Cartridge Vape Batteries

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Pulsar 510 DL Cart Vape Review Video

Would you rather watch our product review video, than sit and read it? No problem! Check out Mark’s review video of the Pulsar 510 DL, our 1st Place Winner!