How Long Does A Dab Pen Battery Typically Last?

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The lifespan of any vape pen battery, especially if you are looking for a dab pen, is a deciding factor when you are about to make a purchase. The answer to “how long does a dab pen battery typically last?” sits on the following few key factors;

  • Your rate of consumption
  • The size of the dab pen battery (measured in mah)
  • The resistance of your atomizer coil (measured in ohms)

Rate of vape consumption

No two people are exactly the same. With that in mind, it is tough to say how long your dab pen battery will last without first considering your usage rate. In other words, how many times do you take a drag from your vape every hour? Maybe you’re an occasional vaper who brings out your setup only when you’re out on the town. If so, then you’ll only need to charge the dab pen battery every now and then, pick a moon phase.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a homebody and you have become so attached to your vape that you’ll take a pull from it almost unconsciously. If this sound like you, then expect the need to throw that bad boy on a charger at least once a day.

The size of your dab pen battery

This relates to the amount of power stored in the battery known as milliamps. A higher number in milliamp hour (mah) represents a longer battery life to keep things incredibly simple. A 1300mah dab pen battery will last longer than one with only 350mah. There are estimates out there that will equate the mah to a number of puffs you’ll be able to take which is a good try but everyone doesn’t inhale for the same length of time.

Instead of making your head spin with a bunch of mathematical equations – we’ll say this, waxy materials and thick concentrates take a second or two longer to vaporize than a standard nicotine eliquid. Those extra couple seconds could mean twice as much output from the vape battery, depending on the material you are enjoying and also mean that you’ll need to recharge twice as often.

The resistance of your atomizer coil (ohms)

Most dab pen setups have chambers with an exposed coil or two that you’ll scrape your material onto. The winding of these coils creates a resistance known as ohms. You may have heard that word around vape shops or have seen the little horseshoe next to a small number on your vape kit. This article will not explain Ohm’s law, but here is the real life example of what it is.

  • The resistance of a coil says there’s a certain range of battery output required to heat the wire.
  • Most dab pen batteries have a variable voltage feature. Let’s say the coil in your chamber is 1.2ohms. Adjusting the voltage of your battery to 3.2 volts might be enough to heat the coil but it might not be enough to vaporizer your material. You’ll have to crank up the volts to 3.7 for a good vape.
  • You have a replacement coil that is 1.0ohms. Your previous voltage setting is a bit weak for a low resistance coil, so now you’ve got to turn it up to 4.2 volts.

The difference in volts from 3.2 to 3.7 to 4.2 will drain the battery at different rates. Our focus is to avoid having to charge a vape battery several times a day, so to do that, we recommend getting dab pen batteries no less than 650mah. Check out our catalog of dab pen / wax pen kits.

The best Dab Pen battery size

The main takeaway here is that your dab pen battery can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days – depending on the size of the battery & how you’re using it. The best advice would be to get a dab pen vape battery with 900mah or better, and to keep a moderate voltage setting of 3.8 -4.0 volts for very thick concentrates. Go easy on taking huge rips and turn off your battery after use. Following this method will guarantee you enjoy a full day or more of vape between charging!

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