Lookah Ant Wax Vape


  • Wax Vape with Screen
  • 3 Voltages; 3.2V, 3.6V, 4.0V
  • Quartz Atomizer Coils (2 included)
  • Auto Pre-Heat Function
  • 950mAh Battery
  • Display Screen
  • USB-C Charging
  • 710 Thread Connection
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Magnetic Swing Lid
  • Single Power Button
  • Integrated Dab Tool
  • Rugged Metal Body
  • Freestanding Legs
  • Mega Airflow


Lookah Ant Wax Vape Device

The Lookah Ant looks more like a rocket ship – This new wax vape will blast you into outer space! The Lookah Ant is a small and portable wax vape, that has a useful free-standing legs like a mini rig. The silicone mouthpiece sits at the top of the device. Snap back the magnetic cap, to reveal the quartz atomizer chamber.

The atomizer has a large porous quartz plate and dual holes to balance flavor and vapor cloud production. They have a 710 thread for effortless swapping. The Ant wax pen comes with two Type D coils – But fits the entire Lookah range of 710 coils (compare these coils below).

The Lookah Ant has a 950mAh battery capacity, which is USB-C recharging (cable not included). The digital display screen will indicate how much battery power you have left, and also which of the 3 heat settings is selected. The 3 voltage settings are 3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.0V. Use a lower temperature for more flavorful hits, and a higher temperature for thicker clouds with more potent effects.

The Ant has an auto pre-heat function, and a single power button which is simple to use. There is an integrated dab tool so you always have the ability to load in more of your waxy concentrates. The device has a rugged metal body and a sturdy weight, giving it a durable and high quality feel. Try the Lookah Ant now!

Lookah Ant Package Includes;

  • 1x Lookah Ant Wax Vape
  • 2x Quartz 710 Type D Coils
  • 1x Dab Tool
  • 1x User Manual

Compare Lookah Ant Coils

The Lookah Ant is compatible with the range of Lookah 710 thread screw-in coils. The Lookah Ant includes 2x Type D coils – but you can also explore the other coil types to enjoy a different experience. But which coil should you choose? Here is how they perform at a glance;