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Introducing Our Most Popular Vape Apparel and Bags!

The Coil Master Pbag is one of our most purchased vaping accessories. With this bag, you can take your favorite vape kits, devices, and e-juices out-of-doors. Inside, you can now keep your coils, cotton, and battery in order. Meet all of your vaping needs with the Coil Master Pbag.

This bag is made of canvas and is 1.37 inches thick, 3.54 inches wide, and 4.33 inches high. Currently, we carry the bag in blue, but it also comes in denim, black, and red. It even a Velcro strap to secure your supplies against accidental escape, and front zip-pocket. Attach it to your belt loop or belt with the handy carabiner. Many vapers like to use their device while it is still contained within this bag.

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