Dry Herb & Wax Atomizers

Dry herb atomizers heat your leaves to create vapor. Wax atomizers are used in concentrate vapes to heat your wax. Get full flavor & smooth hits. Enjoy fast shipping – Shop now!

What is a Wax Atomizer

A wax atomizer will heat your wax or concentrate, which is used in dabbing. 510 wax atomizers use a 510 thread, which is the universal thread size. A 510 wax atomizer will attach to most 510 thread dab pen batteries on the market. Choose from our range of quartz or ceramic wax atomizer. Wax atomizers are available with single, dual, or triple coils – To suit your preference!

What is a Dry Herb Atomizer

Dry herb atomizers use conduction to heat your dried herbs (weed bud and hemp flower). Your weed leaves will be heated by the heated element – Either Ceramic or Stainless Steel. Heating your dry herb creates a vapor, which you inhale. This is a preferred method of smoking marijuana and CBD flower for weed vape enthusiasts. Dry herb atomizers heat your weed leaves, rather than burning them. Burning weed happens when you smoke a bong or a joint, but this combustion also releases toxins.

510 Dry Herb Atomizer

A 510 dry herb atomizer has a 510 thread, which is the universal thread size. This means your 510 dry herb atomizer will attach to any 510 thread dry herb vaporizer or mod. Your dry herb atomizer will heat your herb, but it will be powered by the 510 battery that you screw it to.

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Cleaning and Servicing Your Vape

Wax dabs, atomizers, coils, etc. are parts that are commonly used in the servicing of some vaping devices. How often you vape and what you vape will help determine how often you need to service your device. If you enjoy e-cigs on a regular basis, you will need to buy a new supply of them relatively frequently. With all of the available e-pens and e-cigs on the market, there’s no reason to settle on just one. Unless, of course, you are head over heels in love with it. With so many devices and e-juices available today, your options are limitless when it comes to 100% enjoyment of a truly pleasurable vaping experience.

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