Doob Tube Wholesale 25ct – Large Color Funnies


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  • Bulk 25x Doob Tube Containers
  • In Display Box
  • Smell Proof Tubes
  • Airtight for Discreet Carry
  • Assorted Color Tubes + Lids
  • Large Size – Holds King-Sized Papers
  • ‘Funnies’ Feature Funny Phrases on Tube
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Keep Joints Fresh
  • Wholesale Bulk Pack
  • Extremely Durable Construction
  • Official Doob Tube Brand
  • Proudly Made in USA


Doob Tube Large Funnies Display – 25ct

This is a Doob Tube bulk display box of 25x storage tubes. They are large sized – Measuring 5.5″ x 0.65″, which hold king-size papers.

The box contains assorted color tubes & lids, with a black funny quote. They are made from extremely durable plastic, and are proudly made in USA.

Doob tubes are smell-proof tubes, perfect for carrying your joints. These allow you to pre-roll joints, and the airtight packaging is moisture resistant, which keeps them fresh! They also act as a stealthy carry method, as no-one will smell your stash. This is especially helpful if you only want to smoke half a roll, and keep the other half for later!

These ‘Funnies’ variety of Doob Tubes feature funny slogans along the side, giving you a reason to laugh every time you pull out a joint. The labels include the following:

  • “Just Say Yes”
  • “Is it 420 Yet?!!!”
  • “The Sh*@!!!”
  • “For My B*tch”
  • “Stinky”
  • “The Bomb”
  • “Chronic”

Large Doob Tube Bulk Package Contents: 

  • 25x Doob Tube Large Color ‘Funnies’
  • 1x Display Box
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