Logic Pro Capsules 2% Tobacco – 2 Pack


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  • E-Liquid Capsules for Logic Pro Vape
  • 2x Capsules per Pack
  • Tobacco Flavor
  • 2% Nicotine (20mg)
  • Pre-Filled for Convenience
  • Approx 400 Puffs per Capsule
  • Thick, Rich Flavor


Logic Pro Capsules 2% Tobacco – 2 Pack

  • 2 Pack of Logic Pro Capsules
  • Tobacco Flavor
  • 20mg/ml (2%) Nicotine
  • Compatible with the Logic Pro Kit only

This is a pack of 2 e-liquid capsules for the Logic Pro Vape Kit. Each capsule is pre-filled with 2% nicotine e-liquid (20mg), which will last for approx 400 puffs.

These pre-filled e-liquid capsules are spill-resistant, super compact and handy for the busy vaper. Simply rip open your pack of new capsules, unscrew your Logic Pro device, insert your capsule – and vape away!

How to Change Logic PRO Capsules Video

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