Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Kit


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  • Accessories Kit for Lookah Seahorse Pro
  • Connects to any Rig or Water Pipe!
  • Enjoy Massive, Water Filtered Rips
  • 14/18mm Adapter (included)
  • Silicone Hose (included)
  • Tip Adapter (included)
  • Glass Tube (included)
  • Watch Video Below!


Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Kit

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessory Kit unleashes the full versatility from your Lookah Seahorse Pro. This kit lets you add an extra level of water filtration to your dab pen, by connecting it to a water pipe. It includes everything you’ll need to hook up your Seahorse Pro to your water pipe. It’s made to fit any water pipe or rig and the included hose is long enough to give you plenty of moving space. Here are some of benefits of the accessory kit;

  • Increased cooling: The water helps to cool the temperature of the vapor. This makes it less harsh, and much smoother and comfortable to inhale
  • Increased flavor: The water in the bong can enhance the flavor of your vapor
  • Increased filtration: The water in your water pipe can help filter out some of the impurities in the vapor, resulting in a smoother hit

The silicone hose (included) attaches at one end to your water pipe, and the other end to your Seahorse Pro device. The hose is a bright green color. The hose is 24cm in length, which is long enough so you can easily tinker with the settings on your device. Just make sure you keep the hose from folding, so that you retain clear airflow!

The 14/18mm Adapter (included) will connect to almost any water pipe or bong. The tip adaptor (included) slides over the glass mouthpiece of your Seahorse Pro device. This accessory kit includes a replacement glass tube (included) – in case you need a spare! The high quality, non-porous glass preserves the full flavor of your vapor, as it moves through it. The glass is also super easy to clean!

Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Kit Contents:

  • 1x Silicone Hose
  • 1x Tip Adapter
  • 1x 14/18mm Adapter
  • 1x Glass Tube

Lookah Seahorse Pro Kit Unboxing Video

Watch the video below. We’ve marked the times at which you can see the following accessories;
2:31 Ceramic Straw
3:10 Silicone Adapter
3:30 Water pipe Connection

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