Lookah Seahorse Vape Comparison

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There are 5 Lookah Seahorse vapes that you should know about. All are high performing multi-use concentrate vapes. They can be used as an Electric Nectar Collector, Dab Pen / Wax Pen, 510 Cartridge Battery. The Lookah Seahorse X and Lookah Seahorse Max also function as an Electric Dab Rig, with water filtration for smoother hits! To enjoy water-cooled hits with the Pro, Pro Plus and 2.0 – you’ll instead have to connect them to a water pipe.

So how do they compare to each other? And which Lookah Seahorse should you choose? Let’s take a look at their differences, at a glance;

Lookah Seahorse Pro

  • 650mAh Battery
  • For water-cooled rips: Attach to water pipe (adapter included)
  • Quartz coil I delivers rich, smooth hits (included)
  • Affordable price

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

  • 650mAh Battery
  • For water-cooled rips: Attach to water pipe (adapter included)
  • Quartz tube coil V delivers fuller, thicker hits (included)
  • Mid-range price

Lookah Seahorse 2.0

  • 650mAh Battery
  • For water-cooled rips: Attach to water pipe (adapter NOT included)
  • Ceramic tube coil III heats fast & delivers big clouds (included)
  • Affordable price

Lookah Seahorse X

Lookah Seahorse Max

Lookah Seahorse Vapes Features Comparison - Discount Vape Pen

Lookah Seahorse Water Cooling

Do you like using water to cool your vapor? Bubbling the vapor through water cools the temperature of the vapor, makes it taste smoother and creamier, and is a lot easier on the throat. Here’s how the Lookah Seahorse range offers water cooling;

  • The Lookah Seahorse X and Lookah Seahorse Max are the ultimate for water filtration lovers. Simply add water to the water bubbler of each device! Or alternatively, you can attach both of these devices to a water pipe. The Seahorse X includes a water pipe connection hose and adapter. The Seahorse Max doesn’t include one.
  • The Lookah Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus can both be attached to a water pipe. Both devices come with water pipe adapter attachments, and connection hose (you will need to supply your own water pipe, however). You can also purchase the Seahorse Pro Bubbler accessory, which replaces the existing glass tube, so you enjoy massive water-filtered rips!
  • The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 can be used on a water pipe as an e-nail. It can also work with the water pipe adapter attachments and connection hose, however these don’t come included.

Lookah Seahorse Coils

Let’s talk coils. All of the Lookah Seahorse devices feature a 510 thread, which allow you to attach any Lookah Seahorse coils. So if you would prefer a different coil, it’s easy to swamp them out for a replacement type! But let’s compare how the Lookah Seahorse coils that are included with each device, compare with one another;

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Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Pro Plus

These 2 concentrate vaporizers are remarkably similar, so let’s take a deep-dive into these 2. There are barely any differences in how the two look. They’re both multi-use devices that perform as an electric nectar collector, wax pen, 510 cartridge battery, and can attach to a water pipe. But what are the differences? Let’s compare the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus:

Lookah Seahorse Pro

  • More affordable
  • Quartz Heating Tip Coil I (included)
  • Standard quartz coil
  • Delivers medium, smooth hits
  • Basic coil tip cover
  • Slower charging with Micro USB port
Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

  • Higher price tag
  • Quartz Tube Coil V (included)
  • Improved see-through tube coil 
  • Delivers fuller, thicker hits
  • Magnetic coil tip cover
  • Faster charging with USB-C port

The Pro Plus was introduced by Lookah as an improved version of the Pro, and has a slightly higher price tag to support this claim.

The main performance difference comes from the heating tips. The Seahorse Pro comes with the Quartz coil I. This delivers a rich flavor, but are easy to damage.

The Seahorse Pro Plus comes with a Quartz coil V. Many see this as a superior coil option (but this does depend on your personal preference!). These 510 coils have a transparent tube that showcases the vapor. The tip is made from porous quartz that when hot vaporizes the wax concentrate. This is an upgraded coil combining the best aspects of the Quartz Coil I (included with the Seahorse Pro), and the Ceramic Tube Coil III. It has improved heat distribution for a more even burn that creates fuller thicker vapor clouds. 

As well as the Pro Plus quartz tube coil having a more durable construction – the device also comes with a magnetic coil tip cover. So the main difference here is that it is easier to protect your Seahorse Pro Plus coils!

Note: Just because the devices have a tip included, you can still replace the tip on both devices! Choose between quartz or ceramic. Everyone has their own preference, so why not choose the tip that suits you! Replacement coil tips are available here.

Both devices feature a 650mAh battery capacity. However the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus charges faster than the Seahorse Pro. That’s thanks to the USB-C charging port on the Pro Plus. Whereas the Seahorse Pro has a Micro-USB charging port, which takes longer to reach a full charge.

Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Pro Plus Conclusion

So who wins the Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Pro Plus head-to-head? The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus charges faster, the coil delivers thicker flavor, and offers better protection for your tip. This only drawback is the higher price tag!

Our Pick: We prefer the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus!


Lookah Seahorse 2.0 vs Pro

Both devices offer the same 3 voltage modes; 3.2V Low, 3.6V Medium, and 4.1V High. The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 tip is ceramic, meaning you’ll likely use the lowest voltage setting the most! Let’s compare their stats;

Lookah Seahorse 2.0

  • Body is more sleek and compact
  • Ceramic tube coil III (included)
  • Delivers big clouds of vapor
  • Coil is more durable
  • Heats up faster giving you more hits per charge
  • Opaque device body
  • Higher price tag
Lookah Seahorse Pro

  • Device size is chunkier 
  • Quartz coil I (included)
  • Delivers rich flavor
  • Coil is easier to damage
  • Takes longer & more battery charge to heat up
  • Clear glass tube allows you to see vapor
  • More affordable

The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 body is much more sleek, vape pen than the Seahorse Pro. This means the Seahorse 2.0 is better for stealthy vaping, as it is easier to conceal in the palm of your hand, and to stash in your pocket.

The main visual difference is that the Lookah Seahorse Pro has a clear glass tube. This lets you see the vapor traveling up the tube when you take a hit. This makes it easier to judge how much you want to take. The Seahorse 2.0 on the other hand, doesn’t have a clear tube.

Both the Seahorse Pro and Seahorse 2.0 have an in-built 650mAh battery capacity. In practice however, we’ve found the Lookah Seahorse 2.0 battery lasts longer than the Seahorse Pro. You can even get 2-3 times as many hits off of one battery charge with the Lookah Seahorse 2.0! This is thanks to the ceramic coil III tip that comes with the Seahorse 2.0. It heats up a lot faster than the Seahorse Pro quartz tip, requiring less battery power to get it hot.

If you’re in the market for water-cooled rips – then the Seahorse Pro is the winner in that department. The Seahorse Pro comes with a 14/18mm adapter hose (included), which you can attach to your water pipe (not included). The Seahorse 2.0 on the other hand, does not come with a water pipe adapter (not included).

The final comparison to mention is the price tag. The Lookah Seahorse Pro is cheaper, but only by a tiny margin.

Lookah Seahorse 2.0 vs Pro Conclusion

So who wins the Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Pro Plus head-to-head? The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 creates bigger clouds, the battery lasts longer, and has a more stealthy body. The Lookah Seahorse Pro has a clear glass tube, the quartz tip delivers rich flavor, includes a water pipe attachment, and is more affordable.

Our Pick: The Lookah Seahorse Pro is the winner for us!


Lookah Seahorse Pro Unboxing Video

Lookah Seahorse Max Unboxing & Review Video

What is an Electric Nectar Collector?

We’ve used this term a lot in this article – so we thought we’d spell it out! An Electric Nectar Collector is a battery-powered device used to vape wax concentrates. It has a heated tip, which you inhale through the glass straw. Some feature a water pipe attachment which cools the vapor, giving you a more soothing and crisp vape experience. Electric Nectar Collectors are versatile devices, and often can also be used as a dab pen, or 510 cartridge vape battery.

To learn more about these concentrate devices, explore our Electric Nectar Collector Guide! This covers what nectar collectors are, how much they cost, what concentrates you can use, cleaning instructions and more. Check out our annotated graphic of the Lookah Seahorse Pro;

Electric Nectar Collector Guide

Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories

If you want to pimp out your Lookah Seahorse Pro and get the most from it – then check the Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Kit! This kit lets you add an extra level of filtration to your dab pen by connecting it to a water pipe. It includes everything you’ll need to hook up your Seahorse Pro to your water pipe. It’s made to fit any water pipe or rig and the included hose is long enough to give you ample moving space. Try the Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Kit today!

If you want to enjoy cool rips from the Seahorse Pro or Seahorse Pro Plus, then check the Seahorse Pro Bubbler. This sleek glass bubbler slides into the Seahorse Pro & Pro Plus, replacing the glass mouthpiece the device comes with. Add a small measure of water (just above the percolation holes) and enjoy massive water-filtered rips. It will effectively turn your dab pen into a portable dab rig, making your Pro or Pro Plus one of the smallest water-filtered dab pens out there. Buy your Seahorse Pro Bubbler here!

We sell replacement glass for the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus. These replacements are made from high quality, non-porous glass, and come in packs of 5. If you’ve smashed your existing glass, or just fancy a fresh one – Buy Lookah Seahorse Pro Replacement Glass now!

Explore The Full Lookah Seahorse Device Range!

We hope this guide has helped you understand the full Lookah Seahorse range. If you still have any questions, drop us a message and our team of vape enthusiasts will be more than happy to help out! Alternatively, you can browse the Lookah Seahorse device range below;