Best Air Bar Flavors Ranked - Discount Vape Pen

The Best Air Bar Flavors

When it comes to juicy disposable vapes, very few brands have it dialed-in like Air Bar JK. Their pre-filled vapes come in a range of sizes, shapes & colors. There’s an Air Bar for everyone. The light vaper. The social vaper. The heavy vaper. But when faced with Air Bar’s massive catalog of flavors –…

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Rainbow Vapes - Rainbow Dab Pens, Disposables and Vape Pens

Rainbow Vapes – Best Rainbow Colors & Flavors! 🌈

Choosing a vape based on how it performs is the practical choice. But choosing a vape that dazzles & shines all the colors of the rainbow is the fun choice! If you’re looking for a stealthy vape that blends in, then this article isn’t for you. This list is for the vapors who want to…

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Empty 510 Vape Cartridge Complete Guide - Discount Vape Pen

Empty 510 Vape Cartridge Guide

Empty 510 vape cartridges are tanks that hold your oil. Cartridges contain an in-built atomizer coil. When attached to a 510 cart battery, they heat your oil, turning it to vapor, which you inhale through the cartridge mouthpiece. Understanding the basics of how vape cartridges work will allow you to choose the right cartridge to…

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Lost Mary Vape Flavors Ranked - Discount Vape Pen

Best Lost Mary Vape 5000 Flavors

When it comes to fruity disposable vapes, no one has it dialled-in like ELF Bar. The new Lost Mary vape is designed and made in collaboration with Elf Bar brand. Now that we’ve told you that, it’s pretty obvious to see. The new Lost Mary vape 5000 takes many of it’s design and performance features…

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