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Cart Battery mAh Size Guide - Discount Vape Pen

Cart battery capacity is measured in mAh. It stands for milliampere-hour and indicates how much energy the battery can store. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last on a single charge. If you’re comparing 510 batteries for your oil cartridges, the mAh capacity is a key comparison figure. So what do cart battery mAh values *actually* mean for you?

Here’s a guide of how long a cart battery will last on a single charge;

  • 280mAh Cart Battery: 1-2 Hours of use
  • 350mAh Cart Battery: 1-3 Hours of use
  • 400mAh Cart Battery: 2-4 Hours of use
  • 650mAh Cart Battery: 4-6 Hours of use
  • 900mAh Cart Battery: 6-8 Hours of use
  • 1100mAh Cart Battery: 8-10 Hours of use
  • 1300mAh Cart Battery: 10-12 Hours of use

These numbers should be taken as a guide. The exact time that a cart battery will last depends on a number of variables. After the mAh capacity – The voltage heat setting will be the most influential. Vaping at a higher voltage will generate more heat & use up your battery charge faster. Times will also depend on the size of your hits, and the age of the battery. Whether the 510 cartridge battery has extra features such as an OLED display screen or multiple LED lights. Or even if the battery has the capability to draw from multiple carts at once (such as a double cart battery or triple cart battery).

Benefits of a higher mAh cart battery

  • Battery will last longer between charges
  • Useful for heavier vapers who hit their carts all day
  • Better for vapers who enjoy hitting at a higher voltage
  • Allows you to go off-grid for longer, without access to charging
  • Higher capacities enable extra features (such as cart batteries with display screens)

Benefits of a lower mAh cart battery

  • Stealthy, lightweight and easier to conceal
  • Lower price and more affordable
  • Quicker to reach full charge
  • Suitable for casual vapers who take fewer hits
  • Suitable for clumsy vapers who often damage or lose their battery

Bigger isn’t always better! There are many factors to consider when choosing your vape battery – not just the highest mAh capacity. Do you like to vape oil cartridges under the radar? Then a stealth cart battery might be for you! These are typically smaller, have lower mAh capacities, and much easier to conceal.

On the other hand – you might want a multi-use cart battery that can also be used to vape wax or dry herb. These typically do need higher mAh capacities, to enable the versatility in uses. Choose your 510 vape battery based on all the device features – not just the mAh battery capacity!

Another consideration is whether you’d like a 510 vape battery that is button activated, or auto-draw activated (fires when you take a hit). A button-activated device with variable voltage will deliver a similar strength hit, regardless of how much charge is left in your battery. Whereas an auto-draw device will deliver less powerful hits, as your battery level decreases. Your hit at 100% charge will not be the same as 50%. Auto-draw activated cart batteries are slightly more convenient, but don’t deliver as consistent hits as button activated batteries!


How long does a Cart Battery take to charge?

It takes 90 minutes – 2 hours to fully recharge a cart battery.

This time may be quicker for cart batteries with a smaller mAh capacity. Brand new devices, and those with rapid USB Type-C charging, should also fully charge in less time than this.

The time to fully recharge may be longer for cartridge batteries with a larger mAh capacity, or ones with Micro USB charging. An older cart battery that has been heavily used, might never reach ‘full capacity’ charge level, like it used to when the device was brand new. Batteries degrade over time. This means they take longer to recharge, and last less time per single charge. How do you prevent this? Invest in a cart battery constructed with high quality components, made by a premium brand!

Read our full guide here: How long does it take to charge a vape battery?


How to charge a cart battery

Charging a cart battery is super simple. There are generally 2 types of charging; a USB charging port, or 510 thread charger.

Some cartridge batteries have a charging port on the device. These will fit a USB-C, Micro-USB or similar type of USB charging cable.

USB Charging Cart Battery - Discount Vape Pen

Some cartridge batteries work with a 510 charger. These are screwed onto the same 510 thread that the cartridge is attached to.

510 Thread Charging Cart Battery - Discount Vape Pen

Typically an LED light will display when your battery is fully charged. Do read the instruction booklet that comes with your vape battery – This will tell you key information about charging your individual device. Importantly this will include whether you should use a charging brick, laptop, or wall socket to plug your charger into.

Psst… Having trouble charging? Our video might help: How to troubleshoot a non-charging vape battery.


Why do Dry Herb Vaporizers have higher mAh batteries?

The information above is for 510 vape cartridge batteries. You might read the mAh size guide and think “Woah! A dry herb vape will last for weeks at a time”.

Well, not quite. The PAX 3 has a 3,500mAh capacity battery. The Auxo Calent has a 2,900mAh capacity battery. Even the more affordable Yocan Hit has a 1,400mAh capacity battery. But this doesn’t mean the batteries will last all month on a single charge.

Dry herb vaporizers have much higher mAh capacities than cart batteries, because they need to in order to deliver a high quality experience. Their cutting edge heating systems, such as 3D ceramic ovens or conduction heating, require much more power. Manufacturers know they must meet these power requirements, whilst also creating a vape that will last long enough for a communal smoke session with friends.

So that’s why dry herb vaporizers have such higher battery mAh capacities, than cartridge batteries for 510 oil cartridges.


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