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5 Toughest Cart Batteries - Discount Vape Pen

A good 510 cart battery looks slick and works great. A truly great cart battery is one that lasts! What’s the point in buying a cart battery, if it won’t survive accidental drops, rattling around in your bag, and the general wear and tear of life?

Remember the old saying; “Buy cheap, buy twice”? It’s true. If you’re a little clumsy, or lead an active lifestyle outdoors – Then we highly recommend spending a few extra bucks buying a durable 510 cart battery. A hardwearing battery will last you longer, and you’ll have to buy far fewer replacements. This means you’ll undoubtedly save money in the long run!

So heavy-handed vapers, listen up. Here are our 5 toughest, most durable cart batteries!

DISCLAIMER: We don’t guarantee these batteries are shockproof or will survive drops!


#1. Shiv by Hamilton Devices – TOUGHEST Battery 1st Place Winner!

  • Reassuringly Heavy
  • Strong, Solid Construction
  • Spring Activation like a Switchblade
  • Fully Conceals + Protects Cartridge
  • (-) Potentially Vulnerable Display Screen 

Let’s start with the 1st Place Winner – The Hamilton Shiv! This cart battery is tough. It’s also really HEAVY. This thing is weighty, which is a great sign of a premium device that’s been built to last. It comes in a matte finish, which is easier to grip & less likely to slip out your hand. The battery is a powerful 900mAh capacity. Another huge quality signal is that the Shiv is made by the high quality Hamilton Devices brand.

The key feature of the Shiv is that switchblade mechanism, which deploys & retracts your cartridge in an instant. So whenever you’re not vaping, your glass or ceramic oil cartridge is FULLY concealed within the safety of the device. This means that if you accidentally drop your Shiv when not in use, it’s really unlikely your cartridge will smash.

Hamilton Shiv Heavy Duty 510 Battery

The only potential vulnerability we see is the digital display screen. The screen is a nice feature which lets you see your settings. But screens do tend to break. Saying that – The Hamilton Shiv screen is quite small, flush with the edge, and generally unlikely to be damaged if you drop the device.

So the Hamilton Shiv earns our pick as the most resistant and hard wearing cart battery! But don’t just take our word for it – Here are some community reviews on the heavy duty Hamilton Shiv;

Hamilton Shiv Customer Reviews:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
“A durable battery with some weight and style. Due to its heft, this product feels well-built and durable. Seems it will withstand some physical abuse if dropped from a high distance, or even ran over by a car!”
Jimmy C, verified buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
“This thing is legit! It has a very solid quality construction.”
Christopher D, verified buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
“Had a few in the past that were FOB-key style; brittle durability which ended in breaking after a short amount of time/use. Not like this Shiv, however. Hard metal shell – built to last and handle your general wear & tear abuse – and easy-to-use button settings. The switchblade feature is fun and is fast action.”
Patrick D, verified buyer


#2. Everyday Canna Co Ranger – RUGGED Box Style 510 Battery

  • Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Rugged Durability
  • Tactile Knurled Grip
  • Strong + Lightweight
  • Wear & Tear Resistant

Everyday Canna Co. may be a relatively new brand – but it’s clear they’re here to stay. So are their products. The brand motto is “Durable | Everlasting | Quality” – That’s exactly what we’re talking about!

The Ranger is a box style 510 cart battery, which feels like its military issue. It was designed with the outdoors in mind. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it strikes the balance between strong and lightweight. The robust structure is engineered to weather everyday wear and tear and withstand extreme conditions like traversing wilderness trails. The knurled aluminum grip is as solid as it gets.

The Everyday Canna Co Ranger is so rugged and tough, that it would have been our 1st place pick *if* it wasn’t so new! The Ranger has passed the Discount Vape Pen team’s test with flying colors. But sadly we haven’t had enough customer reviews yet, to be certain that our community loves it as much as we do!


#3. Everyday Canna Co Field Pen – INDESTRUCTIBLE Pen Style 510 Battery

  • Hard Wearing + Durable
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Tactile Knurled Grip
  • Completely Protects Cart
  • Stealthy Pocket Pen Disguise

If the Ranger feels like a military issue – Then the Field Pen is Q from James Bond special branch issue. It looks like a pen, is indestructible as a nightstick, when in actual fact – it’s a stealthy cart battery!

The battery takes the stealthy design of an everyday pocket pen, so you can vape behind enemy lines. It has a sleek pen-style form, with a stonewashed spring steel pocket clip. When the pen lid is attached, your cartridge is completely protected within the sturdy device body. This both conceals your cart from view & protects it from damage!

The Everyday Canna Field Pen has many of the same rugged durability features of the Ranger. The knurled grip is tough and won’t slip out your hand. The construction is machined aircraft grade aluminum, which is designed and engineered in the USA to the highest standards. So if you’re an outdoors adventurer – the Field Pen will fit perfectly into your EDC everyday carry.


#4. Ooze Tanker – PROTECTS + Encapsulates Cartridge

  • Sturdy + Lightweight
  • Fully Encapsulates + Protects Cart
  • Stealthy Battery Conceals Cartridge
  • (-) Paint Adhesive Weak Over Time
  • (-) Widest Carts Won’t Fit Inside Cover

The Ooze Tanker battery fully encapsulates your cartridge. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it acts as a thermal chamber to preheat your oils, which unleashes the full potency from your concentrates. Secondly, the thermal chamber creates a protective forcefield around your glass or ceramic cartridge. The thermal chamber protects your cart from the occasional drop or fall, and ensures that it is safe when you put it away in a purse, pocket, or bag.  

Ooze Tanker Durable 510 Cart Battery - Discount Vape Pen

Now one or two of our community have told us that the paintwork does start to flake over time, particularly around the corners. So despite working well and being a long lasting battery – the Ooze Tanker may start to look a little tired & scratched over time.


#5. Pulsar PHD – RELIABLE + Conceals Cartridge

  • Drop In Chamber Protects Cartridge
  • Reliable Electronic Protection Features
  • Over-Vape, Overcharge + Circuit Protection
  • Rubberized Housing is Grippy
  • Most Affordable In Shortlist

The Pulsar PHD has a drop in chamber for your cartridge. This conceals your cartridge inside the device, which protects it from accidental knocks and drops. Cartridges can be quite delicate – so the fact that the device surrounds the cart helps make it durable, and suitable for us clumsy vapers!

The real reason that the Pulsar PHD makes the list however, isn’t so much the durable exterior of the device. Rather because of the features that protect the electronics inside of the device. It has over vape protection, short circuit protection & overcharge protection. This means the Pulsar PHD is built with long lasting resilience in mind. Plus, the Pulsar PHD comes with a manufacturer’s 6 month warranty – which gives you extra security!

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