Empty 510 Vape Cartridge Guide

Empty 510 Vape Cartridge Complete Guide - Discount Vape Pen

Empty 510 vape cartridges are tanks that hold your oil. Cartridges contain an in-built atomizer coil. When attached to a 510 cart battery, they heat your oil, turning it to vapor, which you inhale through the cartridge mouthpiece. Understanding the basics of how vape cartridges work will allow you to choose the right cartridge to suit your preferences.

There are 4 key decisions to make, to decide which empty 510 vape cartridge is for you. There are benefits to each feature choice. Deciding on each alternative will depend on what oil you enjoy, how often you vape, and how much free time you can commit to loading and refilling your oils.

  1. Disposable vs. Refillable Vape Cartridges
  2. 0.5ml vs. 1.0ml Vape Cartridges
  3. Ceramic vs. Quartz Vape Cartridges
  4. High Voltage vs. Low Voltage for Cartridges

Empty 510 Vape Cartridge Exploded View

Check the exploded view of an empty 510 cartridge, to see the anatomy of parts.

Vape 510 Cartridge EXPLAINED Guide - Exploded View - Discount Vape Pen

We believe there are 4 key considerations, when choosing which is the right empty 510 cartridge for you;

1. Disposable vs. Refillable Vape Cartridges

Refillable vape cartridges are reusable. You can refill them with oil multiple times, and they typically perform well for several refills. You’ll notice that there eventually comes a point when the coil gives out, and the hits become totally lackluster. That’s when you want to replace the cartridge with a new one. The drawbacks of refillable carts is that they tend to be more likely to leak oil. This isn’t a given though, and high quality refillable carts shouldn’t leak a single drop on you over its entire lifecycle. Disposable cart fans will also say that refillable carts are less convenient, as you have to refill a used cart instead of a fresh, new one.

Disposable vape cartridge tanks are typically designed for a single use. They feature a locked or push-in type mouthpiece connection. You get one chance to fill the cartridge with your essential oil or other extracts. Once they’re empty, simply unscrew them from your cart battery & throw them in the trash. Disposable vape carts are the cheapest up-front option. They’re also convenient, because they require zero maintenance. They also deliver a pure taste experience, since the coil is always fresh. The drawbacks of disposable carts is that they’re less environmentally-friendly, even if you send your old cartridges for recycling. Despite disposable carts being cheaper up-front, you’ll end up buying empty cartridges more often, than if you were to use a refillable cart.

Our Top Pick: Go Refillable!

Pssst… Here’s a top tip. If your cartridge stops working before you’ve had the chance to vape every last drop of oil. Then you can use an oil recovery kit to salvage oil from an old cartridge. This prevents your precious oil from going to waste!


2. 0.5ml vs. 1.0ml Vape Cartridges

Cartridges with a 0.5ml capacity fit less oil in, and they are smaller in size than their larger counterpart. Smaller carts fit inside more 510 cart batteries, particularly stealthy cart batteries that conceal the cartridge within the device of the body. This means they will more likely fit inside your 510 vape. Smaller 0.5ml cartridges are perfect for traveling, as you can use a smaller and more discreet device. They’re also great if you prefer vaping super high-potency oil blends, so don’t need the extra capacity.

Cartridges with a 1.0ml capacity fit twice as much oil in. This means they require less refilling. These are great for convenience, as they last longer so you won’t have to fiddle replacing your cartridge in the middle of your day, or mid-session. These larger carts are more convenient for regular daily use. Although the 510 thread connection on cartridges is universal – Not all 1.0ml cartridges fit in all cartridge battery vapes. Do make sure you check that the size of your 1.0ml cartridge (width and length) will fit into your specific cart battery.

Our Top Pick: 1.0ml wins this one!

Note: There are also 2ml cartridges, but these are much less common.


3. Ceramic vs. Quartz Vape Cartridges

Oil cartridges contain a heating element, which is responsible for turning your oil into vapor. Quartz coils are known for their ability to heat-up quickly, and produce large clouds of strong, flavorful vapor. The higher temperatures of Quartz generate a very intense flavor. This might be your preferred choice, or you might find it too harsh. Quartz isn’t as durable as Ceramic, and will need to be replaced more frequently. This means Quartz cartridges don’t last as long as Ceramic carts.

Cartridges with Ceramic coils are known for their ability to provide consistent, even heat – which can help to preserve the flavor of your oil. Ceramic is more durable than quartz, so you’ll have to replace your coil less frequently. Ceramic coils are known for a consistent draw with optimal flavor. However, Ceramic coils may not produce as much vapor as quartz coils, and the flavor may not be as strong. Ceramic also takes longer to heat-up than Quartz.

Our Top Pick: Ceramic for a smoother hit!


4. High Voltage vs. Low Voltage for Cartridges

The fourth consideration is less about which cartridge to choose, and more about which cart battery you should choose to vape it. But it’s still an extremely important factor! Choosing the best voltage for your oil vape cartridge depends on the viscosity of your oil.

Should you use higher or lower voltage? Use a higher voltage for thicker oils. Ceramic coils will also require a higher voltage. Higher voltages will use more power, and produce thicker clouds of vapor. But this will use up your oil faster. Using a lower voltage means that your oil will last longer, but you wont get full hits. This is fine if you’re only after a mellow, or less potent hit. Lower voltage is also fine for quartz cartridges, which produce more heat at less power.

There are lots of factors to consider, but we recommend the 3.7 voltage setting is the sweet-spot for getting started (watch the video below to see these settings in action). Not all cart vapes come with variable voltage settings. Buttonless vape pens, for example, are designed to deliver a simplified vape experience, instead of lots of customisable features. We recommend choosing a cart battery that has variable voltage, so you can customize your experience. Particularly if you’re using thick oil, or a ceramic cartridge.

Our Top Pick: Set Your Voltage to 3.7 V!

Best Voltage For My 510 Cartridge Video


Best Empty 510 Vape Cartridges Shortlist [2023]

Not sure which empty 510 cartridge to choose? Explore our Best Empty 510 Vape Cartridges Shortlist here!

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“I’m a mad scientist with my extract when it comes to mixing and matching looking for the perfect blend of taste and cloud. Not one of my carts failed, leaked, broke or clogged. I even reused one and it lit first go around.🤫. I have purchased other carts and they are all similar but customer service and reliability will get my business every time.”
Shane E, verified buyer 0.5ml Ceramic Cartridge

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“These guys are perfect for thick vape hits! There are 5 holes for your solution to pull in through and each hope is pretty large. I’m able to get big cloudy hits that pack a punch. Definitely will be ordering again!”
Joshua P, verified buyer 0.5ml Ceramic Cartridge

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“Perfect! I make my own oil and have tried so many different cartridges, just to be disappointed at the quality. I found Discount Vape Pens and this was my first purchase, and I couldn’t be happier! I have had no problems at all with these cartridges! They don’t clog, they have not leaked at all and they are just 1000% better than any other i have used.They also work with all the 510 batteries we have used. I am definitely staying with this company for all my vape needs!”
Jolene B, verified buyer 1.0ml Ceramic Cartridge


How To Fill your Empty 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Unwrap your empty cartridge from any protective sleeves or packaging
  • Unscrew or remove the mouthpiece from the tank
  • Prepare your oil into a syringe, or precision-fill bottle
  • Carefully fill the tank, by pouring your oil in the opening between the wall of the tank, and the central chimney. Don’t get oil inside the central atomizer!
  • Fill your cartridge, leaving some empty room at the top so it doesn’t overflow
  • Reattach / screw in the mouthpiece. For disposable carts, this can only be done once – so make it count!
  • Wait an hour before vaping, so that the coil can be ‘primed’ by absorbing some of your oil
  • Screw your 510 oil cartridge to a 510 cart battery and enjoy!


Pre-Filled Vape Oil Cartridges

Pre-filled vape cartridges come ready filled with your choice of oil. Available in various strains, strengths and flavors, pre-filled carts are great if you’re busy and value convenience. Simply rip open the pack, remove the protective cover, screw the cart into your 510 battery, and vape! Then once you’ve finished, throw it in the trash. 

If you are looking for Delta 8, Delta 10, THC or HHC vape cartridges – then head to Chief Shop to buy pre-filled oil carts! The Delta-8 THC is extracted from hemp leaf, and lab tested for purity and quality. If Delta 8 is your oil of choice – then read our Best Vape Battery for Delta 8 Carts shortlist here.


0.5ml + 1.0ml Magnetic Vape Cartridge Adapters

Not all cartridge tanks require a magnet. Whether or not a magnet is required, depends on the cartridge battery that you’re using. Cartridge magnets come in 2 sizes. There are magnets for 1ml+ cartridges, which are the shorter magnet of the 2. There are magnets for 0.5ml cartridges, which are the longer magnet of the 2. These magnets are longer because the connection of smaller carts protrude less. So longer magnets ensure they reach the contact point on the cart battery.

Simply screw the magnet onto your 510 thread vape cartridge, click it onto the magnetic connection of your cart battery, and you’re ready to vape! Most cart batteries come with magnet adapters included. We sell replacement vape magnets here!