How to Fill A Vape Cartridge

How To Fill a Vape Cartridge - Distillate Syringe - Discount Vape Pen

There are a number of things in life that take aim and patience. Threading a needle. Hitting the bullseye on a dartboard. But most tricky of all – Pouring your concentrate oils into your empty vape cartridge. The opening is small. The process is fiddly and frustrating. If you spill any – it’s gets everything sticky. And you’re wasting precious (expensive) oil!

Luckily, precision filling is easy. You just need the right kit. A distillate syringe! A THC distillate syringe – or dab syringe – is the secret weapon in loading your empty vape cartridges or empty vape pens, with waxy oils. The precision tip hits with pin point accuracy. So why use a THC distillate syringe?

  • Extremely Affordable
  • Makes Filling Easy
  • No More Sticky Mess
  • Blunt Needle Tip for Safety
  • Reusable & Easy to Clean
  • Leak Proof Cap
  • Ultra-Hygienic

All these benefits are great. But if you really want to be persuaded to use a distillate syringe – try filling your vape cartridge without one! It’s just awful. Trust me. So how can you make filling your empty vape cartridge as easy as possible?

How to use distillate syringe

A distillate syringe is your friend when it comes to filling empty cartridges or vape pens with sticky-icky oils. The first phase is filling your syringe;

  • Unwrap your syringe from the packaging
  • Screw the blunt needle onto the main syringe body
  • Fully depress the syringe plunger
  • Dip your syringe tip into your waxy oil distillate
  • Pull the plunger upwards, to draw the oil into the syringe
  • Use the volume marks to check how much oil you’ve collected into your syringe
  • Your distillate syringe is prepped & ready to fill your empty vape cartridge or empty vape pen!

How to warm up distillate syringe

For thicker oils, you’ll need to warm up your THC distillate syringe first, before adding your oil into your cartridge. The thickest oils have consistency of thick honey. Heating them up, turns them into a squeezy honey – which is much easier to work with. Warming the syringe will allow the oil to pass through the narrow needle, without the needle getting clogged up.

Two of the most popular ways of warming up your syringe;

Flat iron – Rotate your syringe and the syringe needle in the tongues of a flat iron for 1 minute.

Submerge in hot water – Submerging your syringe in hot water for 30 seconds will give a nice even heating to your waxy oil. Be careful not to let water get inside the syringe & into your oil!

How to fill a vape cartridge with syringe

  • Warm up your syringe (as above)
  • Open your cartridge – usually by unscrewing the cartridge mouthpiece
  • Carefully insert the syringe needle into the cartridge reservoir opening (not the central chimney!)
  • Slowly press the syringe plunger, to fill the cart with oil
  • If it’s a thick oil, then it will take a while to settle down into the tank
  • Be patient & don’t cover the entire opening with oil – or an air bubble will form beneath the oil, and prevent it from settling down into the cartridge
  • Fill your cartridge up to the max fill line if there is one
  • Don’t fill the cart to the brim with oil. Leave a little empty gap, or the oil will overflow when you reattach the mouthpiece
  • Once your cartridge is full, reattach the mouthpiece
  • Depending on your heating element, leave the cartridge for 1 hour before vaping, so that the coil can be ‘primed’
  • Screw your vape cartridge to a 510 cartridge battery – and vape!

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