Yocan Dyno Stand


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  • Device Stand for Storage
  • For Yocan Dyno Electric Nectar Collector
  • Keeps Vape Upright
  • Between Hits and Sessions!
  • Helps Keep Coils Clear
  • Anti-Slide Bottom Grip
  • Prevents Accidental Damage
  • Made with Durable Plastic


Stand for Yocan Dyno – Storage Accessory

This stand is for the Yocan Dyno wax vape and electric nectar collector. The stand keeps your Yocan Dyno upright between hits, and when not in use. This helps keep your coil tips clear and your desk tidy!

It is constructed from durable plastic and has an anti-slip bottom grip. This prevents accidental damage to your Dyno. This small and affordable accessory makes a big difference!

Yocan Dyno Stand Package Contents:

  • 1x Stand for Yocan Dyno

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Yocan Dyno Wax Vape Review Video:

Watch the Lookah Dyno review video to see how the electric nectar collector performs during a full test. Watch the video, below!

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