Yocan Keen Oil Vapes – BULK Pack of 12


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  • Pack of 12x Yocan Keen Vapes
  • Rechargeable 400mAh Battery
  • Refillable 1mL Oil Tank
  • Variable Voltage 3.0V – 4.2V
  • Single Button Operation
  • All-Ceramic Heating
  • Disposable Design
  • Stainless-Steel Housing
  • USB-C Port (cable NOT included)


Yocan Keen Empty Oil Disposable Vape – BULK Pack of 12

This is a Bulk Box of Yocan Keen disposable oil vape pens. It contains 12x devices.

Each Display Box contains 2x of each color; Red, black, blue, gold, silver, green.

This wholesale Yocan vape bulk pack of 12 devices saves you money and time! These wholesale packs have a bulk discount so the price per device is lower. You’ll also have a disposable oil vape pen ready to go, whenever your existing one runs out of battery charge or breaks. No more waiting around for the delivery guy to show up and deliver your order. Buy in bulk – and you’ll always have a spare!

Dispensaries, business owners and vape stores – These bulk disposable oil vape pens come in a display box. So they’re ready to display on your shelf. Simple! Discount Vape Pen sell a range of bulk vape pens with the latest modern features – Explore the full range now!

 Yocan Keen Vape Features:

  • Rechargeable Battery with Disposable Design
  • Fully Ceramic Heating Elements and Parts
  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • 400mAh Battery with USB-C Quick Charging
  • 10-Second Preheat
  • Variable Voltage (3.0V, 3.7V, 4.2V)
  • 1ml Tank Capacity
  • 1.4ohm Resistance
  • Low Voltage and Short Circuit Safety Features

Yocan Keen Description:

The Yocan Keen is a disposable oil vaporizer. Despite the Yocan Keen being a disposable oil vape pen – It is both refillable and rechargeable.

The 400mAh battery provides enough power to vaporise your oil – whether it’s a thick oil, or thin. The pre-heat setting will help prepare thicker viscosity oils. The device has a USB Type-C charging port, so you can give it a recharge when you run out of power.

The Yocan Keen has an in-built tank which holds 1mL capacity of oil. The tank is refillable. The Yocan Keen has ceramic coil which delivers premium and consistent heating. It also has a ceramic central post and ceramic mouthpiece – for high quality vapor delivery.

The Yocan Keen has a clean vape pen style design. The stainless steel chassis gives the device a lightweight yet sturdy feel. It has a single power button operation. Double click the button to toggle through the variable voltage settings – 3.0 volts, 3.7 volts, and 4.2 volts. The LED light ring at the base of the device will illuminate based on your voltage setting – White, Blue, and Green respectively.

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