Cartisan Pillar Vape Released – New 510 Battery Review!

Cartisan Pillar Vape 510 Thread Battery - Discount Vape Pen

The team have Cartisan have released a fantastic new vape, with the Cartisan Pillar. This vape battery uses the universal 510 thread, so its compatible with almost all of your favorite 510 cartridges and 510 tanks.

Cartisan Pillar – Key Features

  • Sleek Design
  • 650 mAh Battery
  • 510 Thread Universal Fit
  • 3 Variable Voltage Settings
  • Pre-Heat Function

As with most 510 thread battery for cartridges – the Cartisan Pillar is has very few working parts, making it a hassle-free vape. It’s sleek design looks great whilst you’re vaping, and easily fits in your pocket or bag when not in use. In fact, this is one of my favorite 510 battery designs! It’s simple and understated.

The design of the pen both fully conceals & protects your vape cartridge. This helps save your cart from cracking if you unfortunately drop your device. Concealing the cartridge also allows you to vape carts unnoticed and under the radar, as most people will assume your using a standard e-liquid vape pen. The design is so discreet, that it was featured in our Best Stealth Cart Battery shortlist!

The 3 Variable Voltage settings give you control over the flavor and vapor production from your cartridge. It gives you flexibility, yet doesn’t overwhelm you with options to find your favorite setting. The Variable Voltage means the Cartisan Pillar even performed well with thick oils!

Quick Variable Voltage Guide: Lower voltage will deliver lower heat and a smoother hit. Higher voltage gives an enriched and heavier flavor.

The Pre-Heat Function is a really neat feature. It warms up the exterior of the cartridge, which gives better airflow to thicker oils. This helps prevent your vape getting clogged up.

Cartisan Pillar Review

Ultimately, the performance of the Cartisan Pillar has really impressed us. Cartisan are a well established vape brand, and you can tell they have used their experience in creating a device designed and built for vapers. The Cartisan Pillar has been priced as an extremely affordable 510 vape. It won’t break the bank, yet it really does deliver performance for the price!

You can sit here all day and listen to us talk about how great it is, and whether it will suit your needs. But the best way is to try it yourself! Try the new Cartisan Pillar here, and see what you think:

Cartisan Pillar Customer Reviews

Love the style of this battery. Easy to use and change settings, and cartridge is protected. Definitely going to buy another one!
Moriah S, verified buyer

Solid in hand. It’s made well, takes 0.5g carts
William Y, verified buyer

I like that the cart is protected since I drop mine often. Works so far – I hope it lasts!
C D, verified buyer

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