Do E-Liquids Have Expiration Dates?

eliquid expiry date

As a vaper, you should note that e-liquids have expiration dates. If you have bought your e-liquid from a reputable source, the expiry date should be listed on the bottle itself.  Although there are no studies that prove if expired e-liquids are harmful or not, it is recommended that you follow the expiration date for safety reasons. Read on to find out more about determining your e-liquid’s expiration date.

E-liquid Expiration Dates

If you have stored your e-liquid in a place that is not exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight, your vape juice can last up to 2 years. However, various factors may accelerate an e-liquid product’s expiration. For example, the flavorings play a part in the expiration process. No matter what, it is important that you check for signs of deterioration before using your e-liquid.

Signs that Your E-liquids Have Gone Bad

Below are a few visible signs that you should not use your e-liquid. They include:

  • Significant color changes: E-liquids can change colors subtly. However, there is usually no cause for concern. If there is a big change in color, you should dispose it and avoid vaping it. Read more about e-liquids changing color here.
  • Presence of sediment: It is common for e-liquids to have sediment on the bottom of the bottle after a short period of time. You just need to shake the bottle to allow its content to blend together again. If nothing happens after shaking the bottle, i.e. the sediment fails to blend together with the liquid, it indicates that your e-liquid is no longer vape-able.
  • Peculiar smell: You should get rid of any e-liquid that smells bad or smells different than when it was first purchased.

It is understandable that you want to get the most out of each e-liquid bottle you have purchased. So, how should you store your bottles?

Proper Ways to Store E-Liquids

The best place to store your e-liquid is in a cold, dark, and dry place. That’s why storing your bottles in a refrigerator is highly recommended. Alternatively, you can place your liquids in a box, and store that box inside a drawer. If you make or mix your own e-liquids, it is better to use tinted glass bottles. They help you avoid contamination and can help to preserve the shelf life.

Next, you should avoid constantly exposing your e-liquid to air. If an oxidation process occurs, it may result in a loss of nicotine in your e-liquids. Cotinine is produced when oxygen reacts with nicotine.

Always Keep E-Liquid Safety in Mind

As mentioned earlier, even though there are no actual studies conducted on the effect of expire e-liquids, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you own an e-liquid that is more than a year’s old, you will be better off getting a new one to enhance your vaping experience.

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