Top Tips to Choosing Nicotine Strength

Top Tips to Choosing Nicotine Strength

Not getting a satisfactory hit and nicotine effect when you vape? These issues can be caused by inadequate nicotine levels. So, how do you choose the right nicotine strength?

Vape E-Liquid Nicotine Levels

  • 0% / 0mg/ml – (Zero nicotine level) Vapes containing this nicotine level are suitable for those trying to quit, but still have an urge toward the habit of smoking/vaping. 0% Nicotine is also great for cloud chasers who do tricks with vapor clouds!
  • 3% / 3mg/ml – This is the midpoint for most vapers and smokers. This level of nicotine helps frequent smokers experience a smoother transition to vaping.
  • 6% / 6mg/ml – This is the highest level of nicotine you can find on the market today. This level is for individuals who want to enjoy the full effects of tobacco. You can use this amount of nicotine to wean yourself out of the smoking game.

Nicotine Salts Hits Harder than Regular Vape Juice

Nic salts juice delivers a smooth throat hit. This means you can vape higher nicotine concentrations, without your e-liquid tasting overwhelmingly strong. The other major advantage is that nicotine salts delivers a higher blood-absorption rate. It has been proven that nicotine salt vape juice will enter your bloodstream faster than traditional vape juice, at a rate closer to a traditional cigarette.

  • Smooth throat hit
  • Higher nicotine absorption rate
  • You’ll feel the nicotine quicker
  • Useful to help quit smoking

The fact that the nicotine is absorbed into the blood faster, and the e-liquid tastes smoother, makes nicotine salts an effective way of consuming nicotine. This can be particularly helpful if you are used to smoking traditional cigarettes, and you are looking to quit smoking by substituting smoking for vaping, to enjoy the health benefits of making the switch (from inhaling vapor instead of smoke). Nicotine salts can also be helpful for smokers who are looking to quit cigarettes completely. Try Nic Salts vape juice here!

Understanding Nicotine Levels

  • Too Low Nicotine

Over time, your body will get used to the amount of nicotine you have been consuming so far. You might end up craving a stronger vape later down the road. If you suddenly switched to a lower level of nicotine, you may end up using more nicotine to satisfy your ongoing cravings. This is called compensation vaping. Some may think that their current choice of vape may not be working for them. However, you only need to change and customize your e-liquid nicotine strength.

  • Too High Nicotine

If you star using a higher nicotine level than what your body is used to, you may overload your body and experience some form of light-headedness. In addition, you may receive an uncomfortable throat hit.

  • The Sweet Spot

Getting to the right nicotine level is like hitting the bull’s eye while playing darts. You will feel satisfied and more relaxed. The urge to cough, choke, or put away your vape device will be significantly lesser.

Determining the Right Nicotine Level

To determine the right level of nicotine for your needs, you should start monitoring your vaping habits. For light smokers (those who use a few vapes per day) can opt for a lower nicotine level. Heavy smokers (two packs or more) require higher nicotine levels.

Make the right choices from the get-go. Assess your smoking habits to determine the right nicotine levels so that you can enjoy your vape to the fullest.

Is It Possible to Wean Off Nicotine Altogether?

Yes, definitely. You can start at the amount that matches your current tobacco product. The next step is to reduce the level of nicotine over time, at a pace that feels right for you. Today, you can easily find products that allow you to continue the ritual of smoking but without the nicotine. This is a stellar method that has helped many vapers quit nicotine altogether.

If you want to give up nicotine, but still enjoy the habit – Try 0% nicotine juice! Or browse our range of nicotine free disposable vapes!

At Discount Vape Pen, we are committed to making your switch to personal vaporizers a smooth transition. Our vaping experts are always prepared to help you get that vaping experience that’s just right for your needs!


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