Logic Refills

Buy Logic Refills for Logic Vapes – At the Best Prices! Logic Pro refills & Logic Power refills. Pre-filled with high quality e-liquid. Shop Official Logic Pods now!

Logic Power Refills

Logic Power refills come pre-filled with e-liquid, and will last approx 400 puffs. They have a male threaded connection, and screw into your Logic Power battery. Logic Power refills are single-use, meaning you cannot refill Logic Power cartridges with your own e-liquid. When you’ve ran out of e-liquid – simply screw in a new Logic Power refill & vape!

Logic Pro Refills

Logic Pro capsules come pre-filled for convenience, and each Logic Pro capsule will last approx 400 puffs. The Logic Pro capsules are transparent and the device has a viewing window, so you can see how much e-liquid you have left. To replace your Logic Pro capsule – unscrew your device, insert the capsule into the mouthpiece, then screw the device back together!

How many puffs in a Logic refill

Logic refills last approx 400 puffs. Both Logic Power refills and Logic Pro capsules will deliver approx 400 puffs, before they run out. This number will vary slightly from vaper to vaper. If you take longer and deeper hits, then you will get fewer puffs per refill.

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