Vape Pen Style Kits

Explore vape pen style kits. Pre-filled disposables, pod vapes, and starter kit vape pens for e-liquid. Sleek designs – Vape pens that fit in your hand, pocket or bag!

What is a vape pen?

Vape pens are simple and easy-to-use vape devices. They make it easy to get into vaping, as they don’t overwhelm you in variable settings dials or overly complicated maintenance needs. Rather than the high-performance but cumbersome shape of a box mod; a vape pen is designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand, and in your pocket!
∙ Easy-to-use
∙ Affordable
∙ Simple to refill and charge
∙ Can help users quit smoking

Different types of vape pen

Vape pens work with all sorts of ingredients. Whether you prefer to vape nicotine e-liquids, wax concentrates, or dried flowers – there’s a pen vape for you!

Vape pens for nicotine e-liquids

Vape pens are the most popular solution for the casual nicotine vaper. Vape pens come in a range of battery strengths – so you can scale up the size of battery depending on how frequently you take a puff. Even for the most heavy of vapers – there’ll be a vape pen with the power to last all day! You can also choose between refillable vape pens, and disposable vape pens that you throw away after use. If you are trying to give up nicotine or smoking, but still want to enjoy the social aspects of smoking, then you can use nicotine free e-liquid in your vape pen!

Vape pens for weed

For true flower purists, you may want to dry a dry herb vape pen for weed. These allow you to add dried marijuana leaves into your vape, rather than cannabis oils that are used in dab pens. Dry herb pens deliver a rich flavor from your herbs, and maximize the effects. They make your weed last longer! Dry herb pen vapes are also a hassle-free and convenient solution. You can simply load your pen and vape on-the-go, rather than the various intricacies of preparing a bong or a joint.

Vape pens for wax and concentrates

For a pen vape that will allow you to vape herbal extracts and concentrates, then you’ll want a Dab pen. Dab pens use THC oils and CBD distillates. Wax pens heat your oil rather than burn it, then no combustion is involved. This delivers a better tasting vaping experience, and produces better effects. Since the temperature heats the oil without burning it – Vaping a dab pen reduces the inhalation of carcinogens and other toxins that are common when smoking a joint or bong.

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