Hamilton Devices KR1 + PS1 Glass Bubbler



Hamilton Devices KR1 / PS1 Glass Bubbler

Hamilton Devices designed a replacement glass for your Hamilton KR1 and Hamilton PS1 vaporizer kits.

The glass bubbler can be filled with water and then is inserted into the chamber opposite from the 510 threads. This will allow the user to enjoy their 510 cartridges or concentrates with a much smoother hit as the attachment will allow for the vapor to be defused through the water rendering it cooler and easier on the lungs.

Choose your glass replacement depending on the device you have;

Hamilton KR1 Bubbler

The KR1 bubbler fits the Hamilton KR1 Bubbler Cart Battery vape. This 2-in-1 vape cartridge and concentrate bubbler, for super smooth hits! The bubbler is 15.5mm Width x 120.5mm Length.

Hamilton PS1 Bubbler

The PS1 bubbler fits the Hamilton PS1 Double Cartridge Bubbler vape. High quality glass that delivers water-cooled hits. The bubbler is 24.5mm Width x 122mm Length. The PS1 lets you vape 2x cartridges, or 2x atomizers of wax at once! Check the video below to see the PS1 in action.

Hamilton Bubbler Package Contents:

  • 1x Hamilton Devices KR1 / PS1 Glass Bubbler
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