Vuse Vibe Refills Menthol 3% – 2 Pack


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  • 2x Pack of Tanks
  • Refreshing Menthol Flavor
  • 3% Nicotine Strength (30mg)
  • Refills for Vuse Vibe battery
  • Pre-Filled 1.9mL E-Liquid
  • Simple Screw Fit


Vuse Vibe Refills – Menthol Tanks

This pack of Vuse Vibe refills fit the Vuse Vibe Battery. This is a 2 pack of refills. Each tank comes pre-filled with 1.9mL e-liquid in a refreshing menthol flavor. They have a 3% nicotine (30mg) strength.

The Vuse Vibe is an extremely beginner-friendly vape. When your tank runs empty, simply unscrew the empty tank, screw in a new tank, and vape! Switching these refills takes seconds.

This cool menthol flavor is a crowd favorite amongst Vuse vapers. It delivers a smooth and satisfying hit, without being overly heavy on the flavor. The Vuse Vibe is perfect for ex-smokers and vapers who are using for a simple, hassle-free device. These Vuse Vibe cartridges deliver a nicotine hit to get you through the day!

Vuse Vibe Refills Package Contents;

  • Pack of 2x Vuse Vibe Tanks Menthol Flavor (3% Nicotine)
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