Yocan Uni S Review!

Yocan Uni S Review

Picking up the device for the first time – You’ll instantly notice that the Yocan Uni S has a really high quality feeling metallic chassis, made of zinc-alloy. The device is much smaller than the Yocan Uni, and Yocan Uni Pro (check the video below for size comparison between the 3 devices – you’ll see its way smaller!). It fits in your hand nicely and is really durable, yet nicely lightweight. The device just has a great premium feel to it!

Yocan Uni S 510 Vaporizer Review Video

Yocan Uni S Positives

  • Durable metal chassis
  • Premium feel
  • Compact size
  • Range of colors
  • Variable voltage presets

As well as looking great in a range of 5 colour options – The Yocan Uni S box mod also performs well for it’s size. The battery is 400mAh so will last you a good amount of time, depending how how frequently you vape. Despite it being on the lower-end of the battery size on the market, the device will last a full day of heavy use. The USB-C cable will have your device fully charged in 45 minutes – So if you keep the habit of plugging the device in regularly you’ll always have charge. 3 small LED lights at the base of the device display your battery level, and also your voltage setting.

Two key features are;

  1. Variable voltage, with 2.5v, 3.0v, and 3.5v settings.
  2. Pre-heat function with 3 temperature settings, which is handy if you vape outside in the cold.

The Yocan Uni S has a 510 thread battery for vape cartridges. The device has a manual level adjustment switch, for your cartridge, whether you’re using a small or large cartridge. You also have a diameter adjustment control. So this device can accommodate a wide range of cartridges. For more on this, check out the video from 2:06 onwards.

Overall, the Yocan Uni S is both the most compact, and most durable version of the wildly popular Yocan Uni Universal Cartridge Battery family. The Yocan brand are well known as a producer of high quality vape devices, and the Yocan Uni S is a brilliant device. If you’re looking for a 510 battery for cartridges that you can easily carry around in your pocket, will survive when you drop it, and won’t cost much to replace – try the Uni S today!

Yocan Uni S Customer Reviews

Best 510 mod around. Super easy to use and great size for portability. Would purchase again
Alejandro J, verified buyer

Perfect compact battery. Low setting works perfect for my main carts. Preheat funtion is handy for when it’s cold out and the oil is extra thick. Super compact design.
Miles H, verified buyer

Great for keeping your cartridge protected and its more discreet than the traditional batteries
Ashley T, verified buyer

Awesome. Tough little cart vape. Use it at work. Battery last me through the work day.
James G, verified buyer

Read more real, verified reviews on the product page below;

Yocan Uni S – How to Use

  • 5 clicks power button to turn on
  • Press and hold power button
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece
  • 3 clicks to change voltage
    • LED lights will show your level
  • If LED lights flash 10 times
    • Your battery is flat. Plug in the USB-C cable to charge (takes about 45mins)
  • If LED lights flash 5 times
    • Short circuit. Maybe you’ve dropped the device, or liquid has got in there
  • If LED lights flash 3 times
    • Device can’t detect the atomiser. Check your magnetic adaptor, your cartridge, maybe clean the points connection with a Q-tip


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