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Dab pens, also called wax pens or weed pens, allow you to vaporize herbal extracts and concentrates, without the need for a flame. They are a popular choice because the lack of smell gives you the ability to stay medicated discreetly whilst on-the-go. We’ve shortlisted the very best dab pens; according to both our staff picks and your product reviews. And the winner is…

This list was updated 29 February 2024.


Overall 1st Place Winner

The best dab pen scores highest on build quality, performance, and reliability. The winner is selected using website product ratings, customer reviews, and our team of vape experts. So if you’re looking for the very best, this is the one you need to try!

Yocan Orbit

The Ultimate wax pen we’ve ever tried - The Yocan Orbit Wax Pen is our 1st Place Winner! This revolutionary wax vaporizer features portable terp balls made from high-grade quartz. Terp balls use kinetic energy from the airflow to distribute heat evenly during your session. This helps to deliver premium, optimal vapor. Talk about futuristic!

The Orbit packs a 1,700mAh internal battery and is USB-C rechargeable. It has variable voltage heat settings 3.4V - 4.0V which you toggle with the single button, letting you easily vaporize any viscosity of concentrate. In addition to the quartz terp balls, the Orbit uses a coil-less quartz cup atomizer. Unbeatable vapor. Amazing flavor. The Yocan Orbit performs like a champion - It's out of this world!

Top Dab Pens
Picked By Our Experts

Our staff are passionate vapers, both in and outside the smoke shop. They are surrounded by shelves full with the very best wax pens on the market, and talking to customers about what wax pens they prefer. Over the years, our staff have learnt a thing or two about what is the very best wax pen on the market. So here are our top staff-picks:

Yocan Cylo Wax Vape

The Yocan Cylo is our top staff pick best wax pen! This gamer-style device takes the vape mod design to the world of wax. The long-lasting 1,300mAh battery is fast USB-C charging. Our favourite feature is the 0.96″ TFT color display screen! This beautifully displays stats like your voltage setting, battery life, and puff counter. All in crisp resolution and full color.

The Cylo gives you precision temperature control accross the 2.0V–4.2V range, in 0.1V increments. The premium ceramic DE coils (Diatomaceous Earth) heat-up fast, and evenly heat your wax. The open cup-like coil structure provides excellent airflow to deliver smooth hits and impressively milky clouds!

Lookah Firebee 3-in-1 Wax Pen

The Lookah Firebee is a versatile kit that offers you 3 ways to vape concentrates! The 510 thread lets you use oil carts, or screw in the quartz wax chamber (included). This Firebee Type B cup coil has a porous quartz dish coil and a glass mouthpiece. Finally, you can dip the quartz neddle tip into wax. All these features are packed into a pen-style vape.

The battery has a 650mAh capacity, and 3 variable voltage settings which are indicated on the small digital display. The dual airflow slots at the top of the device give a nice pull, and the USB-C charging port is a modern feature to keep your cable clutter to a minimum. This vape kit has Swiss-army knife versatility. For the multitaskers out there - You’ll love it!

Ooze Duplex Pro Dual Use Vape

No list of the best dab pens is complete with the Ooze Duplex Pro, one of the best options on the market today. This dual-use concentrate vape functions as both a dab pen and a 510 cartridge battery. It has a powerful in-built 900mAh battery, 4 voltage levels, and a stunning sleek design.

Load your wax directly into the dual quartz wax tank. Simply unscrew the top, load your dab onto the dual quartz coils, screw the magnetic adapter onto the bottom, and drop it in the chamber just like a cartridge! The Ooze Duplex Pro is extremely beginner friendly and perfect for vapers who switch back and forth between carts and dabs. It’s also a high performer for the affordable price - The Ooze Duplex Pro won Best Vaporizer Award at the High Times Cannabis Cup!

Top Dab Pens
Highest Rated

We love to hear what you think. Between our entire community of customers, we’ve vaped on beaches, on mountain tops, by lakes, and in bedrooms all over the USA. And we appreciate the feedback and reviews you give us. You can leave reviews and ratings on our product pages, and you can browse our entire range of dab pens sorted by rating. Here are your highest rated best wax pens, picked by all of you!

Lookah Seahorse Pro

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is versatile - and looks great too, with its unique design and range of colors. For cartridge vapers - simply screw in your 510 dab pen cartridge and vape your favorite concentrates. The Seahorse Pro can also be used as an electric nectar collector, using the ceramic heating tip to dip right into your concentrates and provide flavorful and massive cloud production. Or if you prefer, use the water pipe adaptor to bubble away!

The in-built 650mAh rechargeable battery has more than enough battery life to get you through the day, and offers 3 voltage settings to cater for your taste in concentrate. The interchangeable tips are a lot of fun, and you can swap them around to better suit your needs.

The Seahorse Pro is one of the most versatile and effective devices we have ever seen (it also scored highly in our Best Electric Nector Collector shortlist!). What's best - it won't break the bank in the process!

Randy's Inspo

The Elf Bar disposable-like design of the Randy’s Inspo was no accident. This extremely stealthy vape allows you to puff on your concentrates in public, without anyone batting an eye. The Randys Inspo device body is stealthy, cleverly disguised as a fruity disposable vape. This is perfect if you want to vape wax or oil cartridges in public, on public transport, or around friends - Without attracting unwanted attention!

The device has a dual-use for concentrates. You can pack wax into the 510 thread sand quartz Wax Atomizer (included), to enjoy a discreet dab session easily and at any moment. Or you can simply screw your 510 thread oil cartridge in, and vape your oils. Dual-use and a disguised design - Randy’s Inspo was featured in our Best Discreet Vapes shortlist!

Randy’s C-Charm

Another one from the Randy's brand - The C-Charm is a small and stealthy wax vape. The boxy battery has a 510 thread, allowing you to screw in your 510 oil cartridges, or the concentrate atomizer (included). The atomizer uses sand quartz heating which delivers strong, flavourful vapor. The sand quartz heating helps to preserve your wax concentrates, as the atomizer cools down quickly after you’ve taken your hit. This means you’ll waste less wax & get to enjoy more!

This affordable dab pen is great for the casual vaper. The 500mAh battery offers plenty of capacity for light vaping throughout the day. The device has a pre-heat function, and 3 variable voltage settings; 3.4v, 3.7v, and 4.0v. So if you want a small & simple wax pen that you can easily conceal - Try the C-Charm!

Cheap Dab Pens Under $50

We know that price is a big factor when trying new products. If you’re looking for the cheapest, most affordable weed pen vape - Browse our entire range of Dab pens sorted by price (lowest first) here. Even our highest rated product, the Lookah Seahorse Pro, is under $50. But at Discount Vape Pen we are always working to get you the best products at the lowest price - so keep your eyes peeled for reduced and sale items, too!

Benefits of dab pens

Dab pens make smoking THC, CBD, and oils simple. What used to be a messy, time-consuming process with grinders, bongs, tobacco and roaches - is now easy. Wax pens and weed pens allow you to vape concentrates, in the click of a button. Vaping concentrates allow you to enjoy a product of high THC purity, which is great for wax enthusiasts.

∙ Small & fits in your pocket
∙ Lightweight to carry with you
∙ Discreet with minimal smell
∙ 510 thread universal fit

Since there is no combustion involved, wax pens are often said to deliver a better tasting vaping experience that produces better effects. The CBD or THC concentrate oil is heated up to turn into vapor, rather than burnt and turned to smoke, as with traditional marijuana smoking methods. This means that vaping a concentrate vaporizer reduces the inhalation of carcinogens and other toxins that are common when smoking a joint or bong. It is also a more predictable delivery of oil, so you can take smaller hits while on-the-go, without feeling the sudden need to take an immediate nap or snack.

How to use a dab pen

To use your dab pen - first pack your wax chamber with your favorite wax. A heated dab tool will make this easier. Then turn your dab pen on, by pressing the button 5 times. Once you press the power button, the wax should start melting and will vaporize right away.

We recommend slow and short inhales - Don't take a big hit like you're smoking! Please note each wax pen works slightly differently, so read your device instruction booklet for more accurate details!

For more information on how dab pens work - Read our guide and watch our video How To Use A Dab Pen for Beginners now!

Watch Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen Video

For a deep dive into weed pens - Check out our video below. You may have noticed the similarities between the Lookah Seahorse Pro & the Ooze Pronto. They’re both digital wax pens with quartz and/ceramic coils, and a 510 thread that can be used to vape cartridges. But it’s in the design of the two products that sets them apart.

In this DVP TV video - Mark unboxes both devices. Mark gets his hands on these wax vapes, tries them both, then compares the 2 devices’ key features. Which device is best? Watch now to find out vape expert Mark’s winner!

Dab pen charger

In the world of endless chargers, cables, and plugs - we all lose one eventually! Buy our Universal 510 thread USB dab pen charger here.

This universal 510 threaded charger will charge almost any 510 dab pen battery. It should take approximately 60-90 minutes to fully charge a 650-1300mah ego battery. It simply screws onto your 510 wax pen battery, and allows you to plug the USB into a charging brick or USB port on a laptop or power outlet.

Dry herb vaping

If you’re a purist, then you may prefer to vape dried marijuana leaves, instead of extracts and oils from the cannabis plant. Dry herb vaporizer kits use hot air to heat your weed leaves and produce vapor, rather than burning your herbs into smoke. If you prefer to vape dry herbs - then look at our range of Dry Herb Vaporizer Kits instead.

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