Best Electric Dab Rig

Electric Dab Rigs are all-in-one concentrate vaporizers, powered by a battery rather than a flame. We've shortlisted the very best e rigs for dabs; according to both our staff picks and your product reviews!

This list was updated 7 January 2024.


Overall 1st Place Winner

This electric dab rig scores highest on performance, build quality, and reliability. The winner has been selected using product ratings, customer reviews, and our team of vaping specialists. The winner of the best electric dab rig crown is:

New Puffco Peak Pro 2

The new Puffco Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology. This premium e-rig is a total show stopper. The premium performance comes with a premium price tag. But the new Puffco Peak Pro has an in-built water bubbler and a whole host of high performance features!

The 3D heating chamber creates consistently smooth hits whilst amplifying flavor profiles. The joystick cap allows you to move your concentrate around the chamber for improved airflow – which takes the joys of gaming to dabbing! With a futuristic bluetooth app compatibility, real time temperature control, USB-C rechargeable battery, and lighting animation styles- This is the very best e rig on the market!

Best Electric Dab Rig
Picked By Our Experts

Our staff are true vape enthusiasts. They spend a ridiculous amount of their time reading magazines, browsing brand websites, and trying the array of vape products that line our shelves. They also get to hear first-hand from customers what their favorite products are, and which vapes miss the mark. Our experts are regularly asked what their favorite e-rig is. So here's the e rig they say you should check out:

Lookah Dragon Egg 

The DVP Team have awarded the Top Staff Pick to the Lookah Dragon Egg. There’s one huge selling point to this one - the affordable price tag. The Dragon Egg is super affordable, yet still high performing. It’s also more compact and portable than most of the competition. The Dragon Egg has a really interesting ‘spine and backbone’ design. The ribcage shaped percolator has a really unique shape and is seriously eye-catching!

Performance wise - the Lookah Dragon Egg delivers a really smooth and flavorful hit. The water cools the vapor down, which also helps to preserve the flavor of the diamond concentrates. You can read our full Lookah Dragon Egg review here!

Top E-Rig
Highest Rated

Want to know what other customers think? Check out our most popular e rig for dabs, based on product reviews and ratings submitted to our website.

Auxo Cira

The Cira by Auxo is a premium electronic dab rig kit with precise temperature control for the ultimate concentrate lover. The Cira is packed with a bunch of features that makes this device great, with precise temperature control, long-lasting battery life, an OLED display, and a beautiful bubbler piece.

Powered by two 2,200mah batteries, this rig can be used for up to 30 sessions before needing a charge! Use the (+) or (-) buttons to select your temperature and begin heating. The Cira glass mouthpiece is perfect for cooling the vapor and giving you a smoother and cooler hit when using the Cira. Experience a new world of vaping concentrates!

Benefits of electric dab rigs

Dab E Rigs are portable and a less messy alternative to using a bong or rolling a joint, and are often seen as a healthier alternative to inhaling marijuana that is burnt using a flame. The exact temperature settings will ensure you vaporize your wax to the perfect temperature, without burning it. These devices are usually sold as a full kit, and come with everything you need such as dabber tools, carb caps, and cleaning accessories.

∙ Effortless to heat up
∙ Small and compact
∙ Portable to use anywhere
∙ Longer life-span than manual rigs

For more information and advice - Read our guide Should you choose an electric dab rig here.

How To Use an E-Rig Video

In this video - Watch how simple it is to use the best e-rig 1st Place winner, the new Puffco Peak Pro! This video shows how you turn the device on, set the temperature, and take a giant hit. Watch the video below to see for yourself how user-friendly e-rigs are to use.

Cheap dab rigs

If you still haven’t seen your ultimate dab e-rig - then go check everything we have to offer! We know that price is important. If you’re looking for the cheapest, most affordable option - Browse our entire range of Electric dab rigs sorted by price (lowest first) here.

Can I dab without a rig?

Yes! Although e-rigs are portable, they do have a smaller and more compact alternative. Dab pens are the alternative to vape wax, oils and concentrates. They are small and convenient vape pens that will easily fit in your pocket, which you can use to vape on-the-go. Browse our full range of dab pens / wax pens here.

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