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Lookah Seahorse Replacement Coil V – See-Through Quartz

These Seahorse type V coils were made to fit and work with the full seahorse vape pen line these 510 coils have a transparent tube that showcases the vapor when you inhale. The Seahorse type 5 coil tip is made from porous quartz that when hot vaporizes the wax concentrate. This is an upgraded coil combining the best aspects of type 1 and type 3 seahorse coils. It has improved heat distribution for a more even burn that creates fuller, thicker vapor clouds.

These a replacement tips for the Lookah Seahorse, Lookah Seahorse Pro, Lookah Seahorse Max, Lookah Seahorse 2.0, Lookah Seahorse Pro PlusLookah Seahorse X, and Lookah Giraffe. These coils come in a pack of 4 tips.

Lookah Seahorse Type V Coils Package Contents: 

  • 4x Lookah Seahorse Replacement Coil V – See-Through Quartz

Explore Lookah Seahorse Coil Range

  • Seahorse Type I Coils – Quartz
    • Type 1 Quartz Coil Delivers medium, balanced hits. Rich flavor, but coils are easier to damage
  • Seahorse Type II Coils – Ceramic
    • Type 2 Ceramic Coil heats up fast. Double ceramic coil, which is good for harder wax concentrates
  • Seahorse Type III Coils – Ceramic Tube
    • Type 3 Coils heat up a lot faster than quartz, so you get more hits per single battery charge. This coil has a larger airway, and creates bigger clouds of vapor.
  • Seahorse Type IV Coils – Quartz
    • Type 4 Coils deliver pure quartz flavor when dabbing wax, with better airflow. Stronger and more durable than the Lookah type I quartz coil.
  • Seahorse Type V Coils – See-Through Quartz (Currently Viewing)
    • Type 5 coils are improved quartz coils, with a tube construction which protect the coil tip. The tube is see-through, so you can see the vapor as you take a hit!

Want to try all 5 Seahorse coils to find your favorite? Try all 5 Seahorse coils with the Type M Seahorse Coils Bundle 5 pack!

To see how the 5 Seahorse coils compare to one another – Check our Lookah Seahorse Coils Comparison now!

Compare Lookah Seahorse Vapes

There are 5 Lookah Seahorse vapes in the family; the Seahorse Pro, Pro Plus, 2.0, Max and X. Check out our Lookah Seahorse Comparison Guide to explore the key differences, and advice on which you should choose!


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