Vuse Solo E-Cigarette Power Unit


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  • Vuse Solo E-Cigarette
  • Uses Vuse Solo Cartridges
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • Official Vuse Brand
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charger (included)


Vuse Solo E-Cigarette Power Unit

The Vuse Solo is a simple vape starter kit, from one of the world’s biggest vape brands. It has an e-cigarette design which is aimed at helping smokers quit cigarettes. In true e-cigarette style – the Vuse Solo has an LED light at the end of the device, which activates when you inhale. This acts as a LED battery indicator that glows red during inhale and flashes when the device is in need of charging.

The kit includes a USB charger, which is simple to use. Praised for being a consistent, reliable, and simple vaping system, this VUSE Power Unit supplies all the hardware you need to begin vaping the iconic flavors of VUSE’s Solo Menthol and Solo Original Tobacco Cartridges (sold separately).

Featuring a slick and slim metallic design and auto-draw technology, the Vuse Solo is extremely beginner friendly. It’s not overly powerful, nor has any settings to change. This is great for users who want a vape that is extremely simple to use.

Vuse Solo Features:

  • E-cigarette starter kit by VUSE
  • Includes 1 VUSE Solo Power Unit/Battery
  • Includes 1 VUSE Solo Charger (USB)
  • Compatible with VUSE Solo Cartridges (sold separately)
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
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