Should You Choose Manual or Automatic Batteries?

Automated batteries

It may come as a surprise to a brand-new vaper that there is actually a choice between automatic and manual batteries. Many people simply think that you pick up your vaping device and vape away. And in some cases, that’s almost correct. If you are new to vaping and trying to figure out whether to buy a manual or automatic battery-operated vaping device, the following should be helpful.

Sometimes, the type of device we are talking about here can also be referred to as manual switch devices versus automatic vapor batteries. What it all boils down to is, of course, how electricity gets to your vape cigarette or vaping device. But, what kind of battery you choose also has a definite effect on the performance of your device, overall.

Knowing full well that one of the best ways to sort things out can be a list of pros and cons, we have put one together.

Automatic Batteries or Automatic Switch

With vaping devices powered by automatic batteries, whenever the user takes a drag, the heating element is engaged. Every time you pull from the device, a built-in switch in the automatic battery is activated. For beginners, these are the more popular type of battery. When compared to traditional smoking, they more closely mirror the feel and look. There are minuses and pluses to think about.

On the downside:

  • These kinds of devices can limit the frequency of drags that you can enjoy in one minute because, after 5 to 6 seconds, they have an automatic shut off.
  • Before use, these devices must be primed or warmed up. Before actually inhaling, the user takes a couple of shallow, short draws.
  • These are more prone to e-juice leaks because the batteries are not sealed.

On the upside:

  • To the untrained eye, these can be mistaken for cigarettes which allows the user to more easily blend in.
  • Between charges, you can vape for longer because of the low battery consumption.
  • These are very user-friendly and, thereby, more popular with the novice. They operate much on the same lines as a traditional cigarette.

Manual Batteries or Manual Switch

In this case, outside of the battery, a small button is pushed down by the user, activating the battery. You might need to get the hang of this, but soon it will come naturally. It can be just a bit of a hassle at first. Greater control is enjoyed by a vaper using manual switch batteries. Among experienced vapers, it is a more popular or preferred option. Let’s explore the disadvantages and advantages of a manual battery.

Slight disadvantages:

  • Because you can take more drugs, you may find yourself running out of e-fluid faster with a manually operated battery device than with an automatic.
  • It’s going to take a while to get the hang of this and if you’re looking to give the impression of traditional smoking, this doesn’t quite fit the bill.
  • Unless you get a high capacity battery, the battery life will be shorter than with devices using an automatic battery.

Definite advantages:

  • In order to enjoy full vapor production, you do not have to prime this device.
  • You have more control over the duration and frequency of your drags.
  • You won’t damage the device, even if the cartomizer is accidentally overfilled because the risk of e-liquid leaks are reduced due to the sealed battery.

If you get the chance, sample both types of batteries to see which works best for you. And remember, it may take a while to get the hang of the manually powered device, but some prefer it.