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Rolling Paper and Tips for smoking tobacco & herb flower. High quality rolling paper from top brands, in a range of sizes. Stock up now – FREE Shipping on smoke shop orders over $30!!

Get Bigger Hits and Cleaner Draws with Our Rolling Papers

Unlike regular paper, most rolling papers are not made from wood. At Discount Vape Pen, we carry rolling papers made from rice paper, bamboo, and hemp, as well as the traditional wood fiber. These user-friendly products are suitable for rollers of any skill level and will deliver a consistently slow-burning experience. We carry rolling papers that are not only ultra-thin and slow-burning but are made with natural gum, chlorine-free, GMO-free, vegan, and dye-free. This allows you to enjoy your smoke’s natural flavors. You will be pleased to know that our rolling papers’ RAW tips are also made with special long fiber, dense natural paper. They retain their shape well and do not get soggy.

Why Buy Rolling Papers from Discount Vape Pen?

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