Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps

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  • Slow burning
  • Tobacco Free
  • Self-sealing organic wrap


Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps

Crop Kingz self-sealing organic wraps are premium organic hemp wraps made to smoke with your premium herb. Crop Kingz are made in the USA and feature a self-sealing glue strip. The glue strip is made of non-toxic Arabic gum so its super sticky and easy to use. Crop Kingz wraps won’t ever dry out or crack. Each pack includes two (2x) self-sealing organic hemp wraps.


  • Self-sealing glue strip; no saliva needed
  • Glue made from natural Arabic gum
  • Organic hemp, 100% tobacco free
  • Won’t dry out or crack

Package Contents: 

  • Pack of Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps
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