How Should I Pack My Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Pack a Dry Herb Vaporizer Chamber

The goal of dry herb vaping, is to get the most flavorful puffs all the time. The secret lies in knowing how to pack your dry herb vaporizer the right way.

You won’t know the right way of packing a dry herb vaporizer unless you know when you have improperly packed one. You won’t experience full flavor, which is a symptom of your herbs not being in contact with each other. Here are some tips for packing your dry herb vaporizer;

Preparing Your Herb

Remember that both wet herbs, dry, and crumbly ones will not vaporize very well in any device. If you have prepared such herbs, you might be dismayed the first time you use your vaporizer. You must grind the herbs so that you can be sure that it will provide the perfect vaping experience. Grinders for dry herbs were made in a way that allows them to collect the ground herb before it goes through a second chamber.

Invest in a Dry Herb Grinder

Grinding is important in dry vaping because it helps increase the surface area in the chamber. This allows the heat to penetrate the herb, which will then produce the flavorful vapor that you want. A nice, uniform grind for your herbs will help improve the experience. This will improve the heat transfer and will assure that heating is even all throughout. You can choose between manual and electric herb grinders – explore our range of grinders here. Make sure that you only grind the herb needed to fill the chamber of your device, so that you have a fresh grind the next time you’re loading up.

Packing Conduction Vaporizers

One of the best ways to assure that you are packing your herbs properly is to learn what type you are using. There are conduction vaporizers. These ones have oven walls that heat the herb directly. They depend on the physical contact made between the oven walls and the herb, in order to reach the correct temperature when vaping. For conduction vaporizers, the herbs must be grinded as finely as possible. Grinding herbs to smaller particles will maximize the surface area. Sprinkle the ground herbs into the oven, making sure there are enough herbs for better physical contact. Apply little pressure to achieve this result.

Packing Convection Vaporizers

As for packing convection vaporizers, you do not need to grind the herbs as finely as possible. You can sprinkle the ground herbs into the oven without mounding them higher than the oven’s edge. Make sure that the materials are fitted in the open such that the airflow is not restricted when heating the herbs.

Loading the Herb

Remove the mouthpiece of the chamber before adding in the dry herbs. In order to get an appropriate amount of airflow, so that you can draw from the system, you have to make sure that the whole chamber is filled with the herbs. It will also be best to check instructions that come with your device to get this part of the process done properly. Some devices work with tighter packs while others work best when packs are a little looser than usual.

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