Can I Vape Dry Herb In Cold Weather?

Vape Dry Herb in Cold Weather

Brrr… It’s cold out there!! What are your thoughts on cold weather – Do you get really sick during this time of year? Things are going to change this year because dry herb vaping in chilling weather conditions provides a nice way to warm up!

4 Tips for Dry Herb Vaping in the Cold!

If you vape dry herbs, you might already know that vaping in cold weather can be a hassle. To prevent your device from malfunctioning, here are some pointers to keep in mind when setting up your device:

1. Avoid Attaching a Metal Mouthpiece

It is cold! You wouldn’t stick your lips or tongue to metal when temperatures are freezing, right? If you use a dry herb vaporizer with a metal tip in sub-zero temperatures, you risk drying your lips out. It may not be obvious at the start but you will notice that issue when you start experiencing discomfort. Recommended alternatives include plastic, glass, or rubber tips. You don’t want to end up like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber…

2. Insulate Your Device

If you are planning to vape in cold weather, you should invest in a silicone sleeve. These sleeves are designed to trap heat and help reduce battery workload. It’s like a big cozy sweater – But for your vape!

3. Turn Up Your Settings

Next, you may need to increase the heat slightly higher than usual. Some vapers vape dry herb on a Level-4 setting in freezing temperatures. Also, be patient and give your device some time to heat-up!

4. Keep Your Device Fully Charged

Batteries, particularly lithium-ion batteries, struggle to maintain maximum performance in the cold. To help your battery as much as possible – Try to keep your battery fully charged. So that when you need it, it’s more likely to work.


By considering the pointers above, you can be sure to have an enjoyable experience vaping in cold weather. It will also help prevent your vaping device from malfunctioning!

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