How Will My Dry Herb Vaporizer Smell?

Dry herb vapor smell

When you’ve been smoking cigarettes or herbs in the past, you will surely be familiar with that distinct, strong smell that’s associated with it. As you decide to switch to a dry herb vaporizer, exposure to that aroma becomes more distinct yet will not result in health risks, the way exposure to cigarette smoking does. Wondering how exactly dry herb vaporizers smell?

Vapor Smells Less Than Smoke

Smoke is filled with particulate matter. This is the reason why it can stick to all sorts of surfaces that it reaches – from the walls to the carpets in your home to the clothes you wear. That smell can get stuck on a fabric or a surface for a long time. When you are using vaporizers, you will notice that a distinct smell comes with it. While there is no smoke, you will get the smell from the e-liquid, dry herb, or whatever concentrate you decide to use with the device. The vapor, not the smoke, will make you smell the herb that you have placed inside the vaporizer.

Since the vaporizer produces vapor, you can expect it to dissipate quickly. The smell of vapor does not linger. It will not stick to fabric or surfaces for a long time. When you vape near an open window, you can expect the smell to be gone in no time. You can also use a fan to dissipate the smell.

How to Minimize Dry Herb Vaporizer Smell

As you use a vaporizer, you will notice that the smell is not as strong as the smell produced by tobacco. But of course, you want to make sure that the vapor will dissipate as fast as possible. There are precautions you can take, aside from opening the window and using a fan while vaping. Among them are:

1. Lower your device temperature

Some dry herb vaporizers have the tendency to burn the material inside the oven. Some may also have problems maintaining the amount of temperature needed when vaping. Make sure then that you set the vaporizer at the lowest temperature possible, that is, without sacrificing the pleasure you want to gain from the experience.

2. Clean your vaporizer

A clean vaporizer will ensure that you can enjoy the most flavorful puffs without any strong smell coming out from it. Imagine not cleaning your device. This means that the residue can accumulate in the chamber. As you use the vaporizer the next time, without cleaning it, the leftover residue from your previous session gets stuck in it. This will come in contact with the new set of herbs you will use this time. The smell will become different than the smell you got from the previous session.

3. Try scents and room air fresheners

If you are vaping indoors, it will be good to use scented candles that can overpower the scent coming out from the device. You can also roast one head of garlic and place it inside the room. The bag of popcorn that you popped in the microwave oven will also help neutralize the smell.

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