How To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

How to use dry herb vaporizer

Even if you’re a well-seasoned herb expert – Using a dry herb vaporizer to toke your bud comes with a learning curve. If you want to familiarise yourself with a dry herb vaporizer in action, then check out the video of the Yocan Evolve D Plus below. This shows you the typical components of a dry herb vaporizer, how they look, and their size in your hand.

We could talk about vaping herbs all day! But to make it simple, we’ve broken down how to use a dry herb vaporizer into a number of simple steps below;

1. Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh herb is the best option out there. Note that ‘fresh’ in this context does not mean freshly harvested. It refers to well cured, high quality buds. An old, stale, and dried out bud will leave you with a not-so-pleasing vaping experience. One’s vaping experience is just as good as the herb one chooses. Remember that when it comes to vaporizing, moisture matters a lot. That’s because vaporizing involves heating a substance to a point where compounds within the substance reach their boiling point. The process then forms the vapor that one can easily inhale and exhale. Fresh herbs come in as ideal here because it guarantees a high moisture concentration.

The herb bud you load into your chambers should also not be too dry or too wet. One good way of testing moisture content is by using your sense of touch. It should not be too wet or moist to your touch. It should also not be dry to a point where it can be crushed into fine powder.

2. Achieve an Even Grind

Getting the grind right is of utmost importance. Once you’ve decided that your weed is fit for vaping, get your grind on. This will maximize your vaping experience because grinding goes a long way to increase your bud’s surface area. This allows heat from the vaporizer to penetrate the plant matter and quickly produce a nice, thick, tasty, and pleasant vapor. It is recommended that you go for an even, medium grind. You can use an electric or manual herb grinder for this task.

3. Load the Herb

Remove the mouthpiece of the device, and pack your herb into the chamber. In order to get an appropriate amount of airflow, so that you can draw from the system, you have to make sure that the whole chamber is filled with the herbs. It will also be best to check instructions that come with your device to get this part of the process done properly. Some devices work with tighter packs while others work best when packs are a little looser than usual.

It is important to find the sweet spot of packing the vape chamber with sufficient herbs. This will generate a decent amount of quality vapor without going overboard.  Over-packing the vape chamber will affect the flow of vapor as it travels from the chamber to the mouthpiece. Over-packing may also damage the interior part of your vape device. For more on this, read our How Should I Pack My Dry Herb Vaporizer tips.

4. Set the Right Temperature

Turning on your device will allow it to set the temperature. Some products include temperature options and there are also those where you can present a specific temperature to make the device work at its best. Remember that dry herbs are best enjoyed when they are vaporized between 360°F – 430°F. For starters, it will be best to set the temperature lower than this range. You can slowly increase the temperature depending on your preference.

Temperature matters a lot because even with the best dry herb vaporizer, it can determine the outcome of a vaping session. Lower temperatures often leave vapers feeling more functional and clear headed. Higher temperatures, on the other hand, produce a potent sense of euphoria and relaxation. Make sure that you don’t go beyond 430°F or else combustion may take place.

5. Inhale and Enjoy

Once you have heated up your device, you can start vaping. Inhale through the mouthpiece gently so that you can enjoy the experience without having to rush into the process. Breathe normally and you will surely be satisfied with your vaping device. In order to give your vaping device time to create quality vapor, take slow inhales. You can severely reduce the quality of your vape by using too much force upon inhale. That could block the airflow. Slow inhales also help maintain the correct temperature for the heating chamber and herbs.
Occasional stirring of your herbs helps them to heat more evenly. A paperclip makes a great little impromptu stirring tool.

6. Maintenance and Cleaning

Not the favorite part of anyone’s day, but necessary for continued vaping pleasure, maintenance and cleaning are essential. Holes can be blocked and narrowed because of a sticky resin that clings to the filters and walls. A greater vapor will be delivered when airflow is maximized. Cleaning your vaporizer after every other use is recommended. You can clean the insides of your vaporizer using damp cotton swabs. The device must be cleaned after every session so that you can easily remove any sticky residue from it. For more info, read our guide How To Clean My Dry Herb Vaporizer.

Also, and it goes without saying, but make sure you kep your vaporizer charged! It’s not something you have to worry about with the traditional ways of smoking. But keep your device battery fully charged, so it’s always ready to go when you are!

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