Beginner Tips For Dry Herb Vaping

Beginner tips dry herb vaping

If you’ve read about dry herb vaping and the advantages it has over smoking, then you may want to learn how to try this form of vaping. As a beginner, you may feel there’s lots to learn. But don’t fear! We’re here to guide you through some of the simple beginner tips for using a dry herb vaporizer, so you can enjoy the best session of your life!

There Are 2 Heating Methods

  1. Conduction Heating. Dry herb vaporizers use two heating methods. Conduction heating is the method that heats the dry herb directly. In this case, you can put your herbs inside the oven, set the controls accordingly and you are ready to use it. This helps produce smoke in a consistent and efficient manner but combustion puts you at risk.
  2. Convection Heating. This heating process where the herb is heated by passing hot air to it. This is highly recommended for vapers because the method will less likely to involve combustion. This will also prevent you from inhaling dry herbs that have already been combusted.

Know the Best Temperature Settings

There are different temperature ranges which are ideal for beginners. Typically, the range must be set between 325°F – 400°F degrees Fahrenheit.

  • 325°F – 350°F degree range will be best used for herbs with low moisture levels.
  • 350°F – 375°F degree range, on the other hand, is considered the optimal target range for vaporizing dry herbs.
  • 375°F – 400°F degree range is best recommended for herbs that have high moisture levels.

Most dry herb vapes come with multiple temperature settings. This allows you to enjoy the experience according to your desires. You can choose to set the vaporizer at the lowest range if you want, but of course, you can also set it to the highest range. The truth is that it will depend upon the herbs you are actually using to vape!

Use a Clean Vaporizer

Your vaporizer will be best enjoyed if you make sure you clean it regularly after using it and not when you only feel like doing so. You can simply empty the vaporizer and get rid of any herb residue that has been left in it. From there, you must wipe the chamber area. For heavy vapers, thorough cleaning is recommended on a weekly basis. It does sound like a drag, but keeping your vaporizer clean will deliver a much more enjoyable vaping experience! Read more on How to clean Dry Herb Vaporizers here.

Grind and Pack Your Herb

Unsatisfying vape sessions can be brought about by the fact that you have either packed the chamber too loose or you did it too tightly. You have to be very careful when prepping your herbs and loading them into the chamber. Take note that loosely packed chambers will compromise airflow since some parts of the chamber are empty, at some points, when you draw from it. Tightly packed chambers, on the other hand, will give you problems with how heat can permeate the system. Both cases will lead to unsatisfying results.

Herbs must have an even consistency whenever you place them inside the chamber. You are less likely to enjoy vaping if you do not pay close attention to this process. Cured herbs are recommended for best results because they do not dry out easily. They can also be finely ground for a better vaping experience. Get expert dry herb packing advice here.

Different Brands will Perform Differently

There are different brands of dry herb vaporizers in the market, which will vary in terms of shapes, colors, and performance. Premium brands such as Storz & Bickel will out-perform affordable brands such as Yocan. But it’s best to find the balance between price + performance than works for you! With these differences, expect different brands to offer different vaping experiences. You need to be familiar with the brand you have. Simply go back to the manual and check how you can maximize the performance of the device. If you are planning to try another brand or type in the future, you must also check how the devices work. There can be differences in terms of inhaling techniques, e.g. some vaporizers are best enjoyed when you inhale gently, while others work better when you inhale faster than usual.

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