Types Of Dry Herb Vaporizers You Need To Know

Here’s the thing about the various types of dry herb vaporizers available on the market. They’re relatively similar, both inside and out. They all work very much the same way and contain like components. However, your vaping experience can be very different, depending on the type of vaporizer you use.

Particularly for beginners, it can be a pretty tricky proposition, choosing the right dry herb vaporizer thanks, in part, to the subtle differences between them. To be of some assistance, we are going to discuss the differences between some of them and then introduce you to the best place to purchase your new dry herb vaporizer.

On-Demand Versus Session

  • On-Demand – Here, rather than using a single session to inhale all your dry herbs, you can take a hit whenever you want. Vape as much as you want, turn it off, vape as little as you want, turn it on, take another hit… They cool down and heat up very quickly thanks to various special components.
  • Session – As herb vaporizers go, this type is the most common. You load up, power it up, decide what temperature you want, and – until all your dry herb is used up – inhale the vapor. It works much the same way that a “joint” does, so it’s easy to use if you’re already used to that kind of thing.

What’s recommended? For most users, on-demand vapes work out well. For micro-dosing, they’re particularly good. But, be aware of this: There are very few really good on-demand herb vaporizers on the market. What’s more, the truly high-quality models can be a bit pricey. What’s more, compared to session dry herb vapes, they have a higher learning curve.

Induction, Convection, and Conduction

  • Induction – For dry vaping, this is NOT currently being used. It’s an advanced heating method that works quickly but is better used on extracts.
  • Convection – The heat element and the herb do not come into contact here. To vaporize the herb, hot air passes around it. No scorching or burning can occur.
  • Conduction – The heating element comes into contact directly with the herb. This heating method is used for most vapes.

There is also a hybrid heating device available that combines convection and conduction methods. You will find this most often in premium vapes, including both desktop and/or portable models. It provides a flavorful taste and a rich vapor.

Desktop Versus Portable

  • Desktop – Usually used at home, these are large devices. Compared to portable vaporizers, they are more powerful and feature unique inhalation methods (whips or balloon bags). The vaping experience is more powerful here.
  • Portable – These will fit in your purse or your pocket. When using them, you only need one hand. Whenever you feel like it, you can use this easy-to-find vaporizer.

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