Cartisan eGo Spinner Vape REVIEW

Cartisan eGo Spinner Vape Review

The Cartisan eGo Spinner takes its name from the voltage spinner dial on the bottom of the device. Simply spin the dial to adjust the voltage. These variable voltage batteries have eGo and 510 thread, so they work with most cartridges on the market. They are well-built and easy to use. The Cartisan Spinner key features are;

  • Variable voltage
  • eGo & 510 thread
  • Range of colors
  • Simple to use
  • Good performance

The voltage range of the eGo Spinner is 3.3V-4.8V, for all battery sizes except the 350mah battery. The 350mAh battery has a Voltage range 2.0V-4.0V. The Cartisan eGo Spinner is available in 5 battery sizes;

The benefits of the bigger batteries are that they last longer between charges, so you can vape for longer. The benefits of the smaller batteries are that they’re quicker to fully charge, and are slightly smaller/lighter.

Cartisan eGo Spinner Customer Reviews

I love the battery. It’s fits perfect in my pockets, I can take it anywhere. And I love that I can change the temperature at the bottom to the voltage I want.
Chrystian G, verified buyer 350mah

Best vape I’ve ever had, the different voltage options are perfect for the cartridges I use. The battery life is great, gone up to 4 days with constant use without charging, must have for vaping.
Justin C, verified buyer 1300mah

I generally buy 510’s with a relatively thick oil and I’ve found that higher voltage provides superior performance. The 4v setting provides “I’ll talk to you later” hits…very nice.
Neil S, verified buyer 350mah

The best vape pen I’ve purchased. I’m obsessed with this pen. The battery life on this lasts for a good while too!
Katherine L, verified buyer 900mah

Awesome. This vape is absolutely amazing. You can adjust the strength of the liquid coming out and the pen doesn’t overheat. Long lasting charge for days
Shana B, verified buyer 1100mah

Great Battery. These are especially great to use with 510 quartz & ceramic coils. Long time between charges with fast recharge times. My fave
Samuel P, verified buyer 1100mah

Great pen, top notch build quality. Having the adjustable voltage is great and it’s not complicated.
Derek R, verified buyer 900mah

Best Voltage For My Cartisan Spinner Video

If you want to know what the best voltage for your Cartisan vape is, watch the video above. All vapers have their own style! But we recommend 3.7 volts for all-round vaping.

For extra thick concentrates or oil material, instead use the highest voltage setting. Be advised that if you’re using a voltage setting that is too low, your coil will not heat your material enough to vaporize it. If the voltage setting on your cart battery is too high you will burn your coil and the vape will taste horrible. Also, vaping at a high voltage will drain your battery rather quickly, whereas a lower voltage setting to conserve battery life.

What is eGo thread?

eGo batteries have two sets of threads. eGo’s batteries can accept BOTH eGo and 510 cartridges because the inside of an eGo thread is a 510 thread. The 510 thread is the small one that your charger screws into, that makes electrical contact to anything attached. The eGo thread is the larger thread on the outer part of the battery. For batteries with eGo connector, like the Cartisan eGo Spinners, you can use atomizers with both ego and 510 connections.

Cartisan Spinner Instructions:

  • Press button 5 times to power on/off
  • Screw on your 510 threaded atomizer or cartridge
  • Adjust dial on the bottom of the device to your preferred voltage and vape!
  • To charge, unscrew the 510 thread atomizer and attach the 510 thread USB charger

Cartisan Spinner Charger

The Cartisan ego 510 threaded charger is used to charge all Cartisan Spinner vape batteries, and also works with other vape pen style ego batteries. To use, simply screw the threaded end of the charger onto your Cartisan spinner, and plug the charger into a standard USB charging bank or USB port on a computer. You can buy the charger here: